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Zebra Bedding

Bring a wild and electrifying look into the design of your bedroom with a zebra bedding set. For decorating a fashion forward teens bedroom with African style and zest and spunk, zebra print bedding for girls will include all the animal printed bells and whistles one can imagine. Its classic black and white stripes can be accented by adding gloriously bold colors of pink fuschia or electric violet for the accent toss to be showcased at the top of the bed presents an interesting look against a predominantly black and white zebra bed set. When you blend hip colors with girls zebra bedding, you create lush, plush, and fun decor. When you think of your bed as a landscape, zebra bedding queen size showcases this african safari inspired creation like a large framed painting. Think of the frame of the bed as being the frame of the painting, and take particular care choosing the perfect drop length for a wraparound or detachable bedskirt to perfectly frame the bed.

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Consider durable fabrics that will hold up well and not detract from the main focus which is the zebra bedding set. Even on a smaller scale, zebra bedding twin size showcases the safari print well, especially if you layer the look with lined animal printed window coverings. For the outside you have privacy, and on the inside you have a wild and fun pattern enjoyed by girls of any age. zebra twin bedding in extra long is the perfect fit for college dorm bed frames. Consider a careful online search for fabulously crafted and expensive bed linens at affordable prices that are cheap compared to full retail priced bed linens that may or may not include multiple matching items that you may find online in a bed in a bag set. If you are buying individual pieces separately, pay attention for the wash and care of your items. Some bedspreads will need to be dry cleaned and some will be machine washable. Materials like silk and raw silk may require extra care, however, they are a worthy investment as they give this well known animal print a more luxurious look and feel. Adding window panels in the same rich fabrics will also elevate the look. For the more flashy type, adding bits of bling on the tie backs for the drapery or colorful rhinestones and shiny sequins on the throw pillows makes the entire room sparkle. This classic black and white animal print looks cool with faux fur elements in the same colors or hits of bright blues, purples, and pinks. Add a fabulously shaped faux fur accent rug in the center of the room where your daughters friends can hang out together and study for school in style and comfort. Look online for more clever ways to use this safari inspired print.

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