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Yves Delorme Sheets

Living well means ensuring that our mind, body and spirit are nurtured. Our well being is affected by everything taken in by the senses. When we create an atmosphere of richness in color, texture and aesthetic beauty, we are in harmony. Such is the philosophy behind every set of Yves Delorme sheets. Purchase these beautiful 100% Egyptian cotton Yves Delorme bed linens separately and mix and match with your existing bedding, or as part of their luxury collections. L’art de vivre is apparent in the care taken by Artistic Director, Ms.Evelyne Julienne as if every piece were made especially for you. This French family business has spanned six generations, earning the company membership in the Comité Colbert since 2001. Enjoy the journey!

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Sleeping on great sheets not only makes us feel more rested, but when the design is also pleasing to the eye, we float on clouds. Our beautiful selection of Yves Delorme sheets crosses the boundary of luxuriousness in soft, 100% Egyptian cotton. Since the family has been weaving superior quality fabric since 1845 when Ernestine Fremaux began her mill near Lille, France, six generations of family have perfected the craft. Using the same Old World standards of quality that have never wavered in all that time, your Yves Delorme linens are unsurpassed in quality and design aspects. The pretty, pink Etrerose sheet set is a splendid representation of fine style and expert craftsmanship. As part of the collection of the same name, the stylized pink and green roses waft lazily across a pale background. The fitted sheet’s subtle shadows suggest florals to complement the duvet and flat sheet perfectly. As is the case with most of these opulent collections, it’s the accessories that breathe life into the scene. These fine Yves Delorme bed linens with their coordinating European shams, an incredible throw made of baby alpaca wool in three wonderful colors, and a sweet coverlet. Tres, tres jolie. As Artistic Director, Evelyne Julienne has brought mastery in artistic interpretation to every piece in her collections, down to the minute details. All of the Yves Delorme sheets and other components are lovingly designed and every stitch created with precision. For an elegant look that rivals any five star hotel, these white sheets bring a Zenlike level of French interpretation to haute style - the stunning Athena bedding is so named for its Greek inspired simplicity and beauty. Pure white, with a border in flat narrow tape trim in a variety of colors, they are classic, elegant and perfect. The ensemble is gorgeous, with a slightly nautical feeling. As a member of the Comité Colbert, Yves Delorme sheets reflect style and standard that only 75 companies worldwide are able to meet. The group was founded in 1954 to “promote the concept of luxury” and Mme. Julienne surely deserves kudos for the fabulous Au Chaud ensemble. The sheets alone are amazing - an ikat design cleverly resembles ink spots on a slate blue background, which contrasts with the deep blue floral flat sheet like a garden at midnight. Fantastique!

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