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Yves Delorme Pillows

The eye needs color, just as it needs light! We love this expression, and it’s a perfectly fitting association with these amazing Yves Delorme decorative pillows. Long a designer of elegant accoutrements for the home, bath and bedroom decor, this French designer stops at nothing to bring the absolute finest ultra high end linens and accessories for your boudoir. We have carefully selected the best of the best, and we bring you these Yves Delorme pillows with the greatest pride. Available as part of their wide variety of bedding collections, these throw pillows can be purchased separately, or get the entire collection for a beautifully put together designer look. Whether chevrons, florals, solids make your day, we’ve something for you by Yves Delorme!

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There’s a lot to love about this great French company, their philosophy and their artistically superior products. This internationally renown family business has been creating beautiful home decor for over five generations, and the results of such dedication are easy to see. Each one of these Yves Delorme pillows has been lovingly crafted from the finest materials, all overseen by the talented Artistic Director, Evelyne Julienne. The embodiment of the French “art de vivre” perspective brings us a wonderful garden, full of texture and richness in fabric and design. Feast your eyes on these fabulous Yves Delorme shams, for example, as part of the Etrevert collection. How they managed to capture such richness, such vibrance and dimension is astounding. Pretty, pale green hydrangeas cover the surface richly, with small white flowers creating a three dimensional look. They literally breathe life into the bedding! You’d swear a butterfly will emerge from your Yves Delorme pillows at any given moment and daintily flutter past. The collection itself is marvellous; the shams and duvet cover are matched, with the face being mostly white with clusters of hydrangeas. So fresh and inviting, like a French garden in the early summer, when the air sparkles with countryside magic and all things old and grand. Add these luxurious Yves Delorme decorative pillows and shams to your existing bedding - they would be splendid if added to pure white - or, if you’re like us, you won’t be able to resist the entire cast of lovely characters, all in 100% Egyptian cotton. The full collection is opulent, with a gorgeous set of hydrangea sheets, coverlets and European shams in floral and also pure white. Set all of off with that adorable square green accent pillow, and your shabby chic garden paradise comes to life. On the contemporary side, your five star bedroom is complete with the addition of these trendy chevron boudoir pillows, part of their Zigzag bedding ensemble. There are two of these little gems that go with the grouping - all of the sheets, shams and cover in their signature Egyptian cotton, with a single red zig zag statement. There’s also a luscious coordinated wool throw - perfect for outfitting an elegant retreat. Please enjoy browsing all of the outstanding selection of luxury linens from France. It’s easy to see why Yves Delorme has been a member of the Comité Colbert since 2001! Allez!

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