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Yves Delorme Duvets

To become a member of the elite Comité Colbert, a company must prove their capacity to promote the concept of luxury. Founded in 1954, today there are only 75 French luxury brands that belong to the association. Since 2001, Yves Delorme duvets, bedding collections and accessories and home products have earned this family business an honored place in the organization. We are very proud to represent Yves Delorme duvet covers as separate components of the ultimate in elegant bedding in the spirit of “art de vivre”. Crafted in the finest 100% Egyptian cotton, each of these beautiful Yves Delorme duvets reflects the care and loving attention to detail applied to all of their artful designs. So please...enjoy the journey! Aprez vous!

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We are delighted to represent this world renown designer of luxury decor from France. In addition to creating exquisite luxury linens and accessories for the boudoir, such as these amazing Yves Delorme duvets, the company has added table linen, fragrances, furniture and adorable baby collections. We would love to share some of our favorites with you, although we must admit it’s hard to narrow the choices down. There are so many absolutely stunning Yves Delorme duvet covers to choose from, like this incredible shabby chic creation called Allieurs. Meaning “elsewhere”, it’s easy to understand the dreamy state one enters when gazing upon the fresh, soft colors in the branches of trees that are so full of life you can hear the leaves rustling. Lavender, pinks, delicate oranges and turquoise come together in a lullabye of florals that might be fragrant dogwoods, against a pure white background. While the duvet cover itself is a work of art, the ensemble truly lives when combined with the rest of the pieces. A lovely counterpane - also known as a quilt - in a luscious cotton and silk blend matches the cover, and the shams and sweet square pillow in aqua bring an irresistibly soft and hypnotically inviting feeling to the bedroom decor. We cannot recall the last time we were mesmerized by a duvet cover, but these Yves Delorme duvets possess something truly magical. In a completely different direction, blending tradition and modernity is the very contemporary geometric grouping called Voguer. Compelling and inspiring in a different sense, like switching from classical music to jazz, the repetitive interlocking geometrics in two different color combinations (saffron and menthe, or coral to beige, which they call ‘Pierre’) remind us a bit of the art of M.C. Escher. Perfect for a modernist five star retreat or your own chic bedroom, these are excellent when mixed and matched. There are even sheets with the same pattern and a great coverlet - it would be fun to get this and play around with some solids in the sheet department or shams. Some of the other collections have compatible colors, and we’re sure the Artistic Director, Evelyne Julienne, would encourage you to enjoy this creative process! We wish we could make the decisions easier, but as all of these ensembles are truly works of art, we leave the difficult part to you! Profitez-en! Enjoy!

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