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Wedgwood Jasperware China

Considered to be England’s finest brand of china, Wedgwood China has endured the centuries and continued to create excellent china products with design elements that transcend a continuously changing range of styles. Founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood, Wedgwood China grew into an industry unto itself. It is now more than 225 years since Josiah’s most famous creation – Jasperware also know as Wedgwood Jasper is still known throughout the world as one of Wedgwood’s signature collections. After more than a thousand trials before Wedgwood would pronounce himself pleased with his new finely-grained stoneware, capable of "receiving colors through its whole surface, in a manner which no other body, ancient or modern has been known to do". Wedgwood Jasperware features a distinctive color way combination of white on blue, black and green. Jasperware by Wedgwood is most often featured on classic teapots, vases, plates, plaques, trays and clocks.

In 2007 Wedgwood introduced two new exciting new color combinations to its famous blue and white Jasper color ways range, subtle and sophisticated white on Taupe, and fresh contemporary white on Turquoise. The current Wedgwood Jasperware collection features a specially polished finish to give a finer texture to the surface, offers extensive gifting and collecting choice, as well as the liberty to enhance a home with classic pieces that are beautiful and useful. Each piece, including items using Wedgwood's archetypal white on Black and white on Pale Blue ornamentation, use Wedgwood's rich design heritage as a reference point to add a sophisticated feel to any interior. For more information on Jasperware visit the following resources: and

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