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Wedgwood China Dinnerware

Considered to be England’s finest brand of fine china dinnerware, Wedgwood China will transform your dining experience into a chic, stylish and elegant treat your guests are bound to enjoy. Founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood, often referred to as the "Father of English Fine China". Wedgwood has established itself as the world's finest producer of Wedgwood fine china dinnerware, as well as flatware, silverware, vases, bowls and decorative ornaments. We offer the largest selections of Wedgwood china plates, bowls, cups and saucers, tea pots and complete china dinnerware sets.

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Considered to be England’s finest brand of china, Wedgwood China has endured the centuries and continued to create excellent china products with design elements that transcend a continuously changing range of styles. Founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood remembered as ‘the Father of English Potters’, was born in Burslem, Staffordshire, in the heart of the English potteries. He served his apprenticeship as a potter before setting up his own business in 1759. By 1766 he had prospered sufficiently to build a new factory which he named Etruria. Josiah was to sow the first seeds of the innovative spirit which continues to be an integral part of Wedgwood. Wedgwood China grew into an industry unto itself when in the 1700’s, Josiah created a cream colored earthenware that was dubbed “Queen’s Ware.” Queen Charlotte of England has so admired Wedgwood pieces that this particular color of china gained permission from the Queen to be called as such., he also invented and produced what remain today three of Wedgwood’s most famous ceramic bodies – in addition to Queen’s Ware (1762), he developed Black Basalt (1768) and finally Jasper (1774) (known today as Jasperware). In the nineteenth century, important progress was made at the Wedgwood factory in the use of new machinery, the introduction of the first colored earthenware bodies and, most importantly, the manufacture of bone china. Wedgwood bone china tableware was to grace the tables of many illustrious homes throughout the world, including the dinner service which President Theodore Roosevelt ordered for the White House. During the 1930’s, when many English potteries were forced to close down due to unfavorable conditions, Wedgwood’s success continued and in order to increase efficiency, the fifth Josiah Wedgwood decided to build a new factory. A country estate near the village of Barlaston was purchased and a new, modern factory was built. Production started in the 1940’s and since then, the factory has expanded to four times its original size. It is the British pottery industry’s most up-to-date factory. Here, Wedgwood continues its living tradition of progress in design, in production methods and in the skills of its many craftspeople. Throughout the ages, Wedgwood has undergone a myriad of styles that have solidified their place in the china industry. From the truly classic lines of Amherst, Celestial and Crown Platinum to the contemporary patterns and clean lines of Grand Gourmet, Nantucket Basket and The Painted Garden. Wedgwood China has a design element that will suit a range of styles and tastes. With a genuinely full line of carefully crafted, high quality china, no style has been left out of these collections. Deep dark hues stand alone or are mixed with clean white perfection and intricately ornate designs ring the outsides of many collections for a selection so wide, it is awe-inspiring. With collections that range from the unmatched opulent to the brilliantly simple, Waterford Wedgwood china is perhaps the widest and most respected lines of china in the world. The creation of such timeless pieces as Wedgwood Jasperware (also know as Wedgwood Jasper) and other designs has secured their place as a trusted and well-known supplier of high quality china. In 1986, Wedgwood China became a division of Waterford Crystal and is now referred to as Waterford Wedgwood. This alliance has not compromised any aspect of Wedgwood’s quality and design, as they remain a steadfast product in the china marketplace.

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