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Waterford Pillows

Complement your bedroom decor with elegance and stylish designs with Waterford pillows and shams in white, silver, red, purple, plum and grey. Designed to complement Waterford duvets and comforters, Waterford pillows and shams feature a number of bedding designs including embroidery, stripes, flowers, damask complemented with tassels, button accents, ribbons, piped edges, twisted cord edges and more. Waterford pillows come in different shapes and designs and include tambourine pillows, neckroll pillows, boudoir pillows and square pillows. Waterford shams mostly reflect the comforter or duvets patterns and color to have a coordinating effect. Use Waterford pillows and shams to create a luxurious and stylish finish to a number of bedroom decor styles including French country, hotel, luxury hotel, modern luxury, Chinese, Japanese amongst others. Browse our ever expanding catalogue of Waterford pillows and shams to find the perfect bedding accessory

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