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Waterford Crystal Stemware & Glasses

Waterford Crystal is known for their outstanding exacting standards and clarity that is unmatched, Waterford stemware has created a number of lines that embody both the style and sophistication that has made them famous over the many generations of their existence. With a number of lines and styles to choose from, Waterford Crystal is committed to creating excellent glassware products that work in a number of homes and with a number of styles. The classic and timeless style of the legacy Waterford Crystal lines are without a doubt some of the most loved and cherished pieces throughout the world. Waterford stemware has created products that are made with the understanding of how a piece can be categorized as timeless.

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Nothing says timeless and classic like the Waterford Araglin crystal stemware collection that features a selection of wine glasses, crystal flutes and beverage glasses. Evoking the soft curve of a tulip’s petals and with diamond shaped wedge cuts embellishing the base, Araglin glasses by Waterford Crystal create an aesthetic value that is fit for royalty. One of the most popular collections from Waterford crystal stemware is a classic design of cross hatching cut with perfection in mind. Waterford Crystal. Lismore stemware offers a full line of lead crystal stemware including the Waterford Lismore goblet, claret, champagne flute, ice beverage glass, balloon wine glass, oversized burgundy wine glass, Irish coffee glass, pilsner glass and many other classically designed pieces of stemware. All details have been considered in this elegant crystal stemware collection that will stand as a loved collection over time.

Founded in Waterford, Ireland in 1783, Waterford Crystal has been producing some of the world’s highest quality crystal glasses, vases, and fine crystal collectibles for generations. Each Waterford Crystal piece shines with the finely-crafted elegance that has made Waterford Crystal a favorite among crystal connoisseurs and those who enjoy the finer things in life. Choose from popular crystal patterns such as Waterford Lismore, Waterford Araglin, and Waterford Colleen, with a variety of wine glass designs, ranging from balloon wine glasses and red wine glasses to champagne flutes and toasting flutes. Wine glasses by Waterford Crystal make any occasion an event to remember. Decanters, goblets, and cocktail glasses are also available in a variety of patterns.

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