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Each variety of wine possesses certain characteristics that make it unique - from the subtlety or robustness of its flavor to the intricate layering of scents that make up its bouquet. Working with famed Napa Valley vineyard operator Robert Mondavi, Waterford Crystal has developed the Waterford Robert Mondavi collection of fine crystal wine glasses - each one designed to showcase the unique aspects of the type of wine it is designed to hold. Designed with the help of Robert Mondavi's extensive expertise regarding fine wines, Waterford Robert Mondavi offers nine varietal-specific shapes that take into consideration the unique characteristics of each wine. Created with the boldness, color, temperature and scent of each wine in mind, these glasses allow drinkers to appreciate the subtle differences. Whether you're enjoying a spicy Shiraz or a robust Cabernet, the Waterford Robert Mondavi collection has the perfect crystal stemware to suit you and the wine of your choice. Each pair of glasses in the Waterford Robert Mondavi collection comes in unique packaging, making this collection the perfect gift idea. Appreciating the finer things in life can be as simple as a pair of beautifully crafted wine glasses, and wine has never been more appreciated and loved than when it is enjoyed with Waterford Robert Mondavi crystal stemware. With a wide variety of beautifully crafted Waterford Robert Mondavi Crystal collection items to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect piece to enhance your next dinner party with the beautiful look and feel of Waterford Crystal stemware and barware. The Waterford Robert Mondavi collection includes matching pairs of pinot noir glasses, cabernet sauvignon glasses, merlot glasses, bordeaux glasses, chardonnay glasses, and champagne glasses that turn any dining or entertaining occasion into an event to remember. A testament to Waterford's centuries of artistry and craftsmanship in fine crystal, the Robert Mondavi Crystal Collection by Waterford is a delight to behold.

A fine wine calls for a fine crystal wine glass, and what better way to celebrate any occasion than with fine crystal wine glasses by Waterford Crystal? Waterford Crystal Stemware adds a touch of elegance to any dining or entertaining event, with beautiful crystal glass designs from a wide range of Waterford Crystal collections.

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