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Water Wonders Water Fountains

Water Wonders fountains are part of the HOMelements line from BluWorld fountains. Water Wonders is considered a pioneer in the water fountains industry that have been creating residential self-contained water features for over a decade. Water Wonders specializes in using slate and copper for their water fountains which have resulted in innovative designs and techniques. In 2006, BluWorld acquired Water Wonders and added the line of water features to the current BluWorld line. BluWorld has taken the original designs of the Water Wonders water fountains and kept the design but made some improvements. Water Wonders fountains include indoor and outdoor fountains, wall and floor fountains, and a tabletop fountain. Water Wonders water fountains feature NSI Slate Tech Slate which provides the look and feel of a solid stone slab. The new slate features a weight reduction of 90-percent all while retaining the beauty of a natural chipped edge. Water Wonders fountains look just like thick slate slabs but are engineered from genuine Indian Rajah Slate Veneers.

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