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Wall Water Fountains

Wall fountains add chic decor style to your home, office or garden, plus add the soothing sound of flowing water to any environment. The Home Decorating Company offers one of the largest selections of wall fountains. Wall water fountains make a wonderful addition to any home, garden or office. Indoor wall water fountains and outdoor and garden wall fountains bring serenity to any home, patio, garden or business. Wall water fountains come in a variety of fountain materials, designs and styles. Copper and slate wall fountains are the a very popular choice, such as the Whispering Creek wall fountain by Adagio Fountains or the Nojoqui wall fountain by Water Wonders. For a more contemporary look you may want to consider a wall fountain in chrome, glass or mirror such as the Serrano wall fountain from Bluworld. Another popular option for a natural look is the pebble wall fountains such as the Waikiki Beach wall fountain.

Narrow Your Search

A wall mounted fountain requires little space and is simple to install, they require no plumbing, in most cases a wall fountain bracket is attached to the wall and the water-fountain simply hangs on the bracket. If you wish to hide the electrical cord from your indoor wall water-fountains, simply considering installing a recessed electrical box, which can be installed by a licensed electrician or by the home owner themselves. If you are concerned about the weight of your wall fountain you made to consider a resin or fiberglass wall fountain such as the Quarry Wall Fountain by Kenroy Home Fountains -- these wall fountains tend to be less expensive than natural stone and slate wall water fountains, and often weigh less than 20 pounds. But don’t worry if you want a light weight wall fountain combined with the natural beauty of rock, stone and slate. Slatetech slate wall fountains by Bluworld Fountains and Water Wonders and Featherstone slate wall fountains by Adagio Wall Fountains both offer real slate wall fountains but at a fraction of the weight. Wall fountains are an excellent choice for your garden or patio. Garden wall fountains enhance any outdoor area, some of the most popular outdoor wall fountains include the lion and lion head fountain and the cherub wall fountain. If you need a large wall fountains, consider some of the double, or triple panel wall fountains offered by many fountain designers. Wall fountains can dramatically improve the ambiance of your home or workplace by adding the relaxing sound and sight of water as well as natural materials such as copper and stone. The Water Fountain Company offer the largest selection of indoor wall fountains and garden and outdoor walls fountains made from fine copper, steel, glass, slate and stones. If you don’t find the wall fountain that you are looking for please give us a call and we can find it for you from our selection of over a thousand indoor wall fountains. Many businesses enhance their ambiance and customer experience with the addition of an elegant, eye catching water wall fountain, many spas, restaurants, hotels, lawyers and doctors offices have purchased wall fountains from our collection. We can even create a unique one of kind custom wall fountain with can feature your company’s logo, or design a wall fountain to your custom wall hanging fountain specifications.

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