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Vera Wang

With a number of design ventures under her belt, Vera Wang is without a doubt one of the most ground-breaking and remarkable designers of her time. Vera Wang has branched out her designs into a number of fields to include weddings, clothing, bedding, outwear, china and crystal. A mixture of innovative and classic, Vera Wang’s designs always prove to be extremely successful in the marketplace. Because everything she touches simply turns to gold, it is no surprise that Vera Wang’s crystal stemware, silverware, flatware and fine china by Wedgwood are among some of the most beautiful on today’s market. With designs in silver and gold with patterns so intricate one may have to use them several times to appreciate their true elegance, Vera Wang’s china is refined sophistication at its height. Simplicity is the central idea in most of Wang’s work as she has created pieces with timeless designs that will last throughout the centuries while remaining at the height of elegance and style.

A strong element in the world of crystal stemware design is the simple and elegant shapes of the Vera Wang Crystal collections. The Cabochon collection embodies the cleanness in lines and timeless sophistication that is inherent in all of the Wang collections. A steadfast product in the Vera Wang crystal line, the Cabochon collection offers fresh lines with a clarity that exists only in her creations. When it comes to creating functional pieces with just the right touch of design, there is a collection to suit all tastes and styles in the Wang crystal lines. The Blanc Sur Blanc collection offers a number of products that are ensure that both contemporary and classic style are taken into account with a sweeping series of wedge cuts for a subtle look. Choose from a series of gold and silver banded stemware and wine glasses that evoke feelings of opulent royal parties with their rich tulip shape. A selection of lines with a number of shapes, cuts and designs truly represent the sophistication and elegance present in all of Vera Wang’s original design ventures.

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