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Stone Water Fountains

Stone fountains are diverse and are known as a classic universal water fountain style. Stone water fountains are great for those that love a natural feel with a muted look. We offer a variety of stone water fountains including indoor, outdoor, floor, and garden stone fountains from leading world renowned water fountain designers; Adagio, Hunter Kenroy Home, BluWorld, and Water Wonders. Stone water fountains provide a relaxing atmosphere with an attractive element - designs that are sculpted or imbedded in the stone. Our vast selection of stone water fountains includes design options of stacked triangles, cubes, waterdrops, native geometric pattern, Italian style, and one with windchimes among many others. Stone water fountains feature a variety of stone colors and types including travertine stone, natural slate stone, and mossy stone. Add beauty to your garden with a cast stone fountain which is made of tough and resilient stone making the stone water fountain capable of lasting many years. Stone water fountains can provide an old world charm or even a historic style charm.

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