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Bed Sheets

Dress your bed with elegance and luxury with our selection of super soft, high thread count best bed sheets online. With more than 2200 different to choose from, available in a variety of fabrics, designs, patterns, prints and thread counts.

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We are sure to have the right style bed linens for your bedroom decor available in twin, full, twin xl, queen, king and california king bed sizes. Choose from twin and full size designer bed sheet sets, ideal for a kids or teen boys or girls bedroom; childrens bed linens in bright colors, like black and white, hot pink or lime green for girls and teenage girls, or with sports team logos for teenage boys - football, baseball, soccer, basketball, ice hockey and college sports teams.

For toddlers bed we also have a selection of cute and adorable full and twin size sets for young children decorated with farm, zoo and jungle animals, butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, ballerinas, horses, or trucks and cars. For college and university students, taller teens and young adults we have a wide range of twin xl size bed sheets, these twin extra long bed sets are specifically designed for twin xl beds that have become the standard for college dorm room bedding. For a master bedroom suite decor makeover we have luxury styles in queen, king and california king sizes, (as well as eastern king, olympic queen, and west coast king and western king sizes). In a variety of styles and colors, in black, slate grey and silver colored bed designer bed sheets online for men and guys, or floral, shabby chic styles in feminine pink, and purple for women.

Whether you want a complete set that includes a flat and fitted style and matching pillowcases, or you want to purchase flat and fitted styles separately only, we have a large selection of flat and fitted styles are sold separately, or together in sets with pillow cases. We even sell large bedding sets, called bed in a bag sets, which include matching comforters, quilts, bedspreads and duvets and complimenting pillows and shams. We sell super soft 100% cotton luxury bed sheets online, or cotton and polyester blends which are easy to care for and machine washable, making them ideal for kids bedrooms, where messes are bound to happen. For ultimate luxury consider supima or Egyptian cotton in a variety of high thread counts for extra soft, high quality. Or for an Asian and Japanese style consider sateen weave or silk that are silky soft and smooth with a modern contemporary style. And in jersey cotton or flannel that are warm, cozy and soft and ideal for cold climates or winter months. If you are concerned about the environment, why not consider organic cotton and bamboo bedding, these green, earth friends bed linens are made from sustainable bamboo, and also great for people who suffer from allergies as they are hypoallergenic.

While its not always true, a general rule of thumb is that higher thread count fabric is softer, more durable, higher quality and will last longer. We over a wide variety of thread counts, choose from 250, 300, 450, 500, 600, 800, 900, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 thread counts. Sometimes the large number of different styles, fabrics and thread counts makes shopping for bed linens confusing, but our online reviews give your real world feedback from customers just like you on the quality, fit, color and design of different bedding sets, so you ensure you buy the best for your decorating needs.

Choose plain colored or solid colored or patterned designs with stripes, plaid, check or tartan styles for a nautical or log cabin style in blue and white, or delicate floral prints and embroidered flowers for a country cottage and shabby chic style for a girls bedroom, bohemian retro paisley for a 1960s design, or classic French toile de jouy in black and white. From elegant high quality luxury, to rustic country lodge bed linens we have the bedding for you. From modern and contemporary styles from Lacoste, DKNY and Echo Designs; cool designer fashion bedding for girls and teens from Trina Turk and Nanette Lepore; bold striped and zig zag European styles from Lacoste, classic nautical plaids and stripes in navy blue and white from Nautical, to Hawaiian, tropical island and beach theme from Tommy Bahama and Thomasville, or classic Asian, Japanese and Chinese style from Calvin Klein, Natori or Tao. We offer a wide variety of solid colored bed sets, in the following colors; white, black, cream, ivory and off white for a coastal cottage style, bold shades of blue for a boys room include light and dark blue, navy, royal blue, or for a ocean and sea decor consider teal, aqua blue and turquoise designs, for a green colored decor consider green in shades of mint, moss, sage and olive green, or a rich emerald green for a classic vintage style or a bright lime green for a girls bedroom; another girls favorite are purple colors in shades of lavender, lilac and egg plant, or in shades of pink including hot pink, rose and blush; for a western or southwestern bedding decor orange in shades of rust and terracotta, with native American chevron patterns are ideal; or for a tropical Hawaiian island or beach decor style consider peach coral, red and burgundy and yellow - bright colored designs bring summer style and color to any bedroom; for a interior designer decor consider shades of brown, with chocolate, mocha, taupe, camel and beige prints, or for a guys bedroom mens patterns in black, slate grey and silver are stunning.

When shopping for a bed cover, make sure you find one that will fit your mattress, today’s deeper mattresses require a deeper pocket size, often between 12 and 18 inches. While modern and contemporary platform and loft beds often feature lower mattresses and need a smaller fitted pocket size. We also offer linens specifically made for day beds, futons and bunk beds, and water beds. Shopping for luxury bed linens on a budget? Our selection of sale and clearance bedding is discounted by up to 75%, these discounts and low prices mean you can afford professional decorator style. Cheap bedding accessories that are still high quality, in pure cotton and high thread count will make dressing your bed inexpensive.

Buying Guide

What is a Bed Sheet?
Its simply a piece of fabric used to cover a mattress, and tends to be what you lie on while in bed, this is normally know as a bottom sheet (or fitted). In the United States its also common to use a second top sheet (or flat), which goes between you and your comforter, duvet or bedspread .

As we discussed there are two primary types of bed linens used with modern bedding collections, flat and fitted.

A flat bed sheet is characterized as a single piece of rectangular cloth that is laid over and simply tucked along the bottom sides of a bed.

A fitted bed sheet is characterized with bands of elastic or drawstrings attached to each of its four corners. The use of its fitted corners ensures that it stays in place while you sleep; preventing it from slipping off the bed mattress.

What is the difference between a fitted vs flat
Fitted are customized to fit a specific mattress and bed size, and feature elasticate corner that wrap over the corner of the mattress for a tight and tailored fit. Flat are single large piece of fabric which is folded around your mattress. Many people use both types, a fitted or bottom cover lies against the bed, and you lie upon it when sleeping, a flat or top bed cover lies over you, between you and your bedding cover (comforter, quilts, bedspread, duvet cover) while you are sleep. If you are decorating on a budget you only need one of these bed sets, we suggest you opt for a fitted bed linens, for a tailored appearance.

Designer and luxury Bed sheets can be purchased individually (also known as open stock) or as a sets both have advantage and disadvantages. If you plan on buying a complete set, you will have perfectly matched bedding and pillow cases (most sets include a flat and fitted styles and pillow cases). On the other hand, if you plan on buying flat and fitted bed covers and pillow cases separately, you will be able to combine different colors and patterns together, for a unique bedroom decor design. You might want your pillow cases to be pink, while your fitted sheet brown – whatever your style is, it’s all up to you. You will tend to find that buying sets is a more affordable option than purchasing them separately and pillowcases ala carte.

How Many Pillowcases Are Included In A Set?
Most sets include pillow cases, the number of pillow cases included will vary with the bed size of the bed but normally full and twin sets include one pillowcase, and queen and king sets include two pillowcases -- please note, that some king and california king sets include larger sized pillow cases for king size pillows known as king pillowcases.

Bed sets are available in thousands of designs, patterns, colors and material, however some of the most common designs or styles are; solid, printed, pattern or woven.

Solid Color
If you’re looking for an elegant and simplistic approach your bedroom decor, then solid colored designs should be the perfect choice for you. Solid colored styles as the name implies feature a single solid color dyed through the entire fabric- making them great for both the male and female tastes and are available in hundreds of unique colors from vibrant brightly colors for teenagers and kids bedrooms, to subdued color palettes in earth tones for an adults bedroom, or for a mens or womens room.

In recent years printed design have become very popular, they feature a small pattern and or hem; often luxury bedding sets feature complementing printed designs which will feature patterns or fabrics directly taken from the fabrics or patterns of the main bedding set. Whether you want a delicate flower print or a cute Hello Kitty style design for a cute, adorable childrens bedroom, the printed bed sets category is the right place for you.

Especially popular with women shoppers a patterned style features a larger overall printed pattern, or woven pattern - they range from simple plaids and checks to the complex paisley, toile, leopard and cheetah prints , black and white zebra stripes, or even peacock designs. Extensive patterned designs are available in most stores so take time to choose the one which will flawlessly fit your style.

Fabrics & Materials
For softness and durability, the best bed sheet sets are primarily made from cotton or cotton blend (blended with a second material, polyester etc).

Cotton is the most popular material used for making the softest and highest-quality luxury bed sheets. Such cotton with certified extra-long fibers is usually called long-staple cottons which include the Pima, Egyptian, and Supima cottons. Other materials that are used to craft high quality linens include silk, cotton-polyester, bamboo, flannel, and jersey knit.

Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian cotton is considered to be the king of all cotton because of the luxury and durability that it offers. But one question we receive frequently is “what is egyptian cotton”. The breathability of the Egyptian cotton is simply undeniable topped with a plus is resists piling. If you decide to buy an Egyptian cotton type, you should know that the slightly coarse feel at the beginning is normal – the more you wash it, the softer it becomes.

An organic designer sheet set is considered to be chemical free and is never treated with unhealthy chemicals such as the formaldehyde that is often found in many household items including furniture and carpets - many feature organic cotton or bamboo. Also many natural or environmentally friendly covers feature all natural vegetable dyes, which are completely natural and perfect for people who have sensitivities to chemicals or allergies.

Thread Count Guide
The most common question we receive is “what is a good thread count for sheets”. The thread count is an important factor to consider if you’re meticulous about the softness, quality, and durability of the bedding that you’re buying. An average thread count of about 200 is good enough and will definitely provide you a long-lasting use. The 300 – 400 thread count range would be a little softer than the 200 and is still considerably affordable. Moreover, as the thread count rises from 400–900, expect the cost of the bed sets to rise substantially as will the softness and comfort is a guarantee. Nevertheless, a thread count of 1,000 or more is then considered to reach the height of luxury already – but remember, too much thread count is deemed to be less durable.

Weave is an important factor to consider when choosing your be linens. The weave will affect the way a the fabric feels like, the way it appears, its durability, and of course, its general price. If you are particular about the texture of your fabric, then knowing more about weaves is a must. Here are the most popular types of weaves.

Flannel weave feature a medium-weight quality with a napped overall texture on one or sometimes both of its sides. The raised surface of the flannel is then popular for the fluffiness and extra cozy feel that it offers.

Sateen weave is a cotton cloth that has been crafted with a satin weave. This weave is popular for its quality of providing an extremely soft and glossy sateen. The downside of this though is its durability – as its weave isn’t too tight, the sateen is considered to be less durable than the other weave types.

For a more crisp feeling with extra durability, a percale weave luxury bed sheet sets are the right option for you. With a plain weave fabric, percale is more commonly used than sateen, and has an average thread count of about 180. Durability plus affordability are the top features of percale weave bed sets.


Flat Sheet Sizes
Twin Flat (66in x 96in) for Twin Size Bed & Mattress
Twin XL Flat (66in x 102in) for Twin XL Size Bed & Mattress
Full Flat (81in x 96in) for Full Size Bed & Mattress
Queen Flat (90in x 102in) for Queen Size Bed & Mattress
King Flat (108in x 102in) for King Size Bed & Mattress
California King Flat (108in x 102in) for Cal King Size Bed & Mattress

Fitted Sheet Sizes
Twin Fitted (39in by 75in) for Twin Size Bed & Mattress
Twin XL Fitted (39in by 80in) for Twin XL Size Bed & Mattress
Full Fitted (54in by 75in) for Full Size Bed & Mattress
Queen Fitted (60in by 80in) for Queen Size Bed & Mattress
King Fitted (76in by 80in) for King Size Bed & Mattress
California King Fitted (72in by 84in) for Cal King Size Bed & Mattress

Please note: Specific sizes vary by manufacturer and by item, so please check the sizes of before purchasing, they may differ from the sizes listed above.

Twin XL Bedding
One common misconception that many people have is that a Twin XL bed commonly found in college dorm rooms requires all twin XL size bedding components -- that’s not true, a standard twin or full size comforter, duvet, bedspread or quilt will fit a twin XL bed, the only specific twin XL size item you need for a twin XL size bed is a twin XL fitted and flat bed sheet.

Pillow Case Sizes

Standard Pillow Case - 20in by 26in
Queen Pillow Case - 20in by 34in
King Pillow Case 20in by 40in

Pocket Depth
When purchasing fitted bed lines you should only consider the width and length of your mattress, but also the depth of your mattress, pocket depth is distance from the bottom edge of the mattress to the top, including all quilting and pillow tops that might have been placed on top of the mattress mattress. The pocket depth is less important when purchasing flat sheets online as most are large enough to accommodate a deep mattress. However, in the last decade with the popularity of pillow top mattresses and new mattress technology, its important that you know the pocket depth of your mattress and purchase fitted designer sheets that will fit this pocket depth. The standard pocket depth of a standard mattress is 7 to 9 inches, while deep pocket mattresses measure about 10 to 15 inches, and lastly, the extra deep pocket depth would measure from 15 to 22 inches.

Buying Tips
First consider type of you want – flat, fitted or both? Then decide if your want a coordinated set, or want to mix and match individual items and pillowcases. Next consider the materials, thread count, and weave that you prefer. If you are on a tight budget, a thread count of about 200 – 300 should be more than adequate, plus they will provide the extra durability for long-lasting use. Then determine the texture -- this is based upon your personal preference, remember that in choosing the perfect bed linens for your mattress, there is no right or wrong. Choose the design that fits your personality, as well as the quality that goes with your lifestyle.

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