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Shabby Chic Curtains

Transform a room into a soft and romantic space with shabby chic curtains in shades of pink and white. There are many options to consider when styling with this iconic romantic theme. From the beginning of this romantic, vintage trend, Rachel Ashwell, the styles creator paired rustic and distressed furniture with delicate and frilly fabrics in pastel hues and romantic soft patterns like ikat, toile, and floral. What better way to bring this design element into any room with the use of shabby chic drapes . Antique iron or white distressed wood carved rods are a perfect choice to hang pink and white flower print panels that are set against a white background.

Narrow Your Search

Consider lined panels and to block out more light and protection of fading out from the sun. A family room in a cottage style looks wonderful with shabby chic window treatments and drapes as they fill the room with flowing details. Although this design style is feminine, it can look absolutely wonderful in a family room. Companies like Waverly and Croscill have lovely options window coverings. To get a better idea of the how to hang your window treatments, consider that hanging them to just graze the floor is a standard today. If you wish to make the room feel more expansive you may extend six inches above and beyond your window frame. For an even more romantic and dramatic feel, let the fabric spill over onto the the floor and use silk cords to tie window curtains back. For the bedroom Peacock Alley and The Well Dressed bed carry interesting paisley designs. Fluffy and soft rugs in pastel colors and curved shapes carry out the feminine details of this style as does choosing designs with fringe or frilly lace edges. Loor online for peer reviews of particular brands that hold up over time and are easy to clean and maintain. You may also find new ways to combine elements that give off this very unique vibe. Imagine drapery of tiny little rosebuds in pale pink and yellow set against a white background and hung in dining room. This pleasant esthetic is timeless and has the ability to evolve as you bring more eclectic pieces into the mix. Consider hanging double rods or use a billowing or cascading shabby chic valance in floral prints to fill the space. In the kitchen you may consider kitchen styles in light green paisley prints against a cream background, with matching valances. And in a bedroom pastel blue in toile or multi-colored prints add just the right amount of softness. If you are going to use metal hardware, try a brushed metal finish to complement the feminine style. Bringing in unique antique frames and fixtures give this look an even more homey and inviting feel.

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