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Paisley Throw Pillows

Add pizzazz to any sofa or couch, or make any bedroom “Groovy Baby” easily and cheaply, simply by adding a selection of paisley throw pillows to your room. The classic sixties pattern is making a comeback and can be seen in homes in the form of wallpaper design, bedspreads, curtain panels, dinner plates, and of course of on accent cushions - in contrasting black and white or a rainbow of other colors. No matter what your decorating style - from vintage chic or bold 60’s boho we have the perfect throw cushions and shams to dress up that old couch or add depth and dimension to any bed - for less than a hundred dollars you can really transform and update any room with a pop of color and style.

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Typically thought of as a traditional style pattern, this pattern has taken a turn towards modern as well. There are a number of ways to bring the classic print into your contemporary style design. This 1960’s icon has made a major comeback recently, but the truth is that it never actually left. Around since ancient civilization, it first appeared in Pakistan and India where it was used for beautiful silks, it eventually made its way to the town of Paisley, Scotland where shawls often called, “paisleys” by locals became a big part of the fashion. Although shawls are no longer too in-fashion, the love for this design has never been too far in the distance. The highly sought after teardrop-shaped pattern (aka boteh or twisted onion) brings energy and a sense of motion to a room, something most other designs cannot accomplish on their own. One of the easiest and quickest ways to bring color and fashion into a room, whether it is a bedroom, family room, or living room, is to bring in some bohemian paisley pillows for your bed and throw them on some furniture for a beautiful face lift. Whatever theme you have in your bedroom, casual accent or decorative styles with a subtle pop of color from bright red and grey, to blue, to even purple will bring a welcome look to your room. This retro boho style has become so versatile that they would even do well in your teen daughter’s bedroom in brighter colors like vibrant pinks and greens or yellows. When used as a bigger pattern, this classic pattern and print can look more modern, and not as traditional as the typical way that this design is used. The Echo Vineyard collection for instance mixes traditional style with some other styles and textures in vibrant colors for a contemporary look.This collection feature an overscaled design in colors of fuchsia, lavender, and green. The undulating teardrop-shaped pattern (boteh), born in the Middle East and Asia, lends a sense of energy and motion that few other motifs can match and adds color and style to any sofa or couch. Pair with bright complimenting colors of green and classic black and white, lavender and grey, or even more colors like blue, yellow and red as you can see in the Josie by Natori Boho Chic collection. The bohemian vibe has become a big decorating theme in the past decade and European as well as standard paisley pillow shams give you a simple way to bring in some elements into your living space. You can even bring one of the decorator cushions from the boho collection and throw them on chairs or your couch to tie in the theme throughout your home. The most important thing when considering how to incorporate these details into your decor is that you choose a collection that is not over complicated or fussy like a number of more traditional options. You don’t want anything too ornate, but something with more simple colors and simple designs, and choose from a variety of shapes and styles from classic square and rectangular (boudoir) shapes, to round tambourine and tubular bolster and neckroll designs. Since its such a bold pattern, it is often better to bring in an accent, or a smaller pillow covers. There is of course nothing wrong with using versatile print to bring style to your traditional decor, and we offer a number of more traditional options as well such as the Echo Aberdeen collection which is black and white in color and more of the typical design.

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