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Paisley Curtains

Bring funky 1960’s retro style to your home decor with our selection of paisley curtains. Choose from these brightly colored drapes from decor designers including Echo Designs, Josie Natori and Ralph Lauren who feature funky boho style panels in black and white, burgundy and gold, for every room in your house including your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living and dining rooms. For a funky sixties inspired girls or teens bedroom, choose draperies with 60’s peace sign motifs, in navy blue, bright red purple, and classic black & white - for a cool fashion designer inspired bedroom.

Narrow Your Search

We offer paisley drapes and window treatments in a variety of lengths, including 54", 63" lengths for standard windows, all the way up to 96" for sliding doors. For more decorating ideas - why not consider our collection of retro and bohemian bedding sets with matching drapery in the classic teardrop prints and fabrics for a true interior designer look and feel, plus, many of our window treatments feature complimenting valances in many type including tailored, cascade and ascot style. Decorating on a budget then our clearance and sale sections will help, they feature discounted window curtains that are cheap and inexpensive, so you don’t have to break the bank just to have great decor accents and style in your home. Named after the town in Scotland that first popularized ,in the 18th century this ancient pattern was first created several thousand years ago in the Persia and India where this pattern in known as boteh. This pattern is so versatile, depending on the look you are going for, it can be used to bring a more modern look to a bedroom, or even a bohemian vibe if mixed with the right colors. It really is all about finding the right size and mixing it with the right colors to truly get the style that you are going for. Boho style curtains are just one way to bring a little bit of style to your room. Lined and unlined drapes can add an elegant look and feel to a room if used in the traditional capacity, or when in a larger scale, this design could rejuvenate a modern bedroom - especially when paired with a modern rod, finials and tie backs. When one usually thinks of this timeless design, an image of grandeur and royalty may come to mind. This classic pattern first originated in India and the Middle East several thousand years ago. Once used on royal gowns and robes, the this classic design is now seen in many capacities both in and out of the home. During the 1960s there was a rebirth of the this design during the hippie era. Psychedelic designs appeared on shirts, trousers, and most certainly home decor items. Today, your options to decorate are endless. The Home Decorating Company offers you many options to bring this popular design into your living area. If you are looking for a more original design consider, a red print that offer a more traditional and regal royal look to your living room or bedroom. The Waterford Cavanaugh panels offers a print in taupe and golden hues on a red wine ground. You can bring a vintage look and feel to your room with purple-blue and red shades, or bold black and white with Greenland Home Fashions Vintage collection. The patchwork design of these window panels and matching paisley valances come with a mix of great colors including brown and green. The natural look definitely brings a beautiful vintage look to the windows in your room. If you are looking for a feminine or “girlie” touch to your bedroom, there are a number of options available that will bring just the right amount of pizzazz. Boho panels can really bring a number of different looks to your room, it’s just about doing a search and finding one that fits in with your decor style.

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