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Grosgrain Flatware By Vera Wang

Grosgrain Flatware
Vera Wang

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Inspired by the subtle romantic touches that renowned New York designer Vera Wang uses to trim her world-famous bridal gowns, the Grosgrain Flatware Collection features beading and reading reflecting designs from the namesake dinnerware pattern. Made from stainless steel and characterized by a large, weighty feel to each piece bringing a touch of sophistication to any dining table. The 5-Piece Place Setting includes a place fork, place knife, place spoon, salad fork and teaspoon. The 3-Piece Serving Set includes a Cake / Pie Server, Gravy Ladle and Pierced Serving Spoon. The 4-Piece Hostess Set includes a Butter Serving Knife, Large Serving Spoon, Large Serving Fork and a Small Serving Spoon. Add to your Grosgrain Flatware Collection by Vera Wang with available individual pieces; Dinner Fork, Salad Fork, Dinner Knife, Dinner Spoon, Teaspoon, Butter Knife, Cake Server, Cold Meat Fork, Gravy Ladle, Pierced Tablespoon, Sugar Spoon, and Tablespoon.

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