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Duchesse Platinum Glasses
Vera Wang

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Luxury meets tradition with the Duchesse Platinum Glasses & Stemware Collection by Vera Wang; which is characterized by a slightly more contemporary take on the classic Duchesse pattern, but retaining the minimal decoration; limited to simple, but powerful designs and a lustrous rim of sparkling platinum. Available glasses and Stemware include a Goblet, Wine, Flute, and Iced Beverage Glass that boasts the characteristic weight and stability of hand-crafted fine crystal. Featuring a generous bowl ideal for accentuating the color and aroma of both red and white wine the Duchesse Encore Goblet and Wine glasses are beautiful. Raise a toast with this elegant Duchesse Encore Flute. Ice tinkles musically in this Duchesse Encore Iced Beverage glass which is equally stunning whether used to serve chilled water, iced tea, or a dramatic cocktail like Tequila Sunrise.

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