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Honored Employees
Yankee Retail Company Honors Three Longstanding EmployeesBehind every great company stands a great team. Yankee Retail Company and would like to take this opportunity to honor three outstanding team members for their years of hard work and commitment to the company.

Melissa Chick, our Customer Service/Sales Manager, has been with Yankee Retail Company for 7 years. Ashley Boucher, our Product Management Manager, has been with us for 6 years. Lori Santa Lucia, our Operations Manager, has been with us now for 10 years – over half of Yankee Retail Company’s 17 years of operation.

These women’s dedication to Yankee Retail Company has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success. As a small token of appreciation, Yankee Retail Company will be honoring Melissa, Ashley, and Lori at an upcoming luncheon.
Roberta H - November 2017

"I appreciate your personal service. I just love this company."

Ken P - November 2017

"Delivery and packaging were perfect."

Nancy V - November 2017

"I was very pleased to have a GREAT person to help me to get what I needed!!"

PJ - November 2017

"Excellent customer service"

Guane Aloi - November 2017

"I received excellent service when I called in and I received my valances within a week. A week later I needed to order an additional valance to complete the look and again I received excellent service both when ordering and receiving the order within a week. I highly recommend The Home Decorating Company - and the price discount was an added bonus. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future."

Grace - November 2017

"Retired medical professional who managed several ICU's and ER's in my time. I know people are quick to complain when they feel they did not get the assistance needed but unfortunately they do not call to compliment good, excellent or stellar service when recieved. I'm used to seeing people and their families at their very worst. In fact the only two customer service occupation positions I believe we're harder than what I spent my work life in would be a funeral home operator or a cashier at WalMart at Christmas time. The service representative who dealt with me falls into the stellar range. True professional in demeanor with utmost courtesy. She bent over backwards to try to find what I was seeking with only a description from an old man. This is the type of employees that make a business both shine and grow. Even though the search did not bear fruit an impression was definitely made. I will be buying from your company. Thank you so much for giving me the time and attention."

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