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Give an ordinary space a boost of refinement with a luxury Peacock Alley or Sferra matelasse. If your decorating style is elegant and simplistic, one of the best choices you can make is to style your full size or california king size bed with blue, white or pink matelasse bedding that may be adorned with matching intricately woven pillow shams and decorators in small and large sizes. For a queen size bed you may opt for a variety of different shapes and sizes for the euro shams. Pink and white matelasse bedding sets are the perfect choice for sophisticated antique furniture.

Luxury Matelasse Bedding Sets from Peacock Alley, Sferra and More!!!

BED SETS: Bedspreads | Coverlets | Duvet Covers | Quilts | Bedskirts

STYLE: White | Diamond | King Charles

DESIGNERS: Sferra | Peacock Alley

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Think finely detailed light fixtures that shine brightly upon your new beddings design. Ornate window drapery adds to the elegance of the entire room. Look for sets that include key elements like fancy stitched pillowcases and flat and fitted sheets that hold similar detail when the edges of the sheets fold delicately over the top bed cover. Look for designs that suit your personality and make the most of your space. When you think of european style, with hand crafted details, a matelasse coverlet is what immediately comes to mind. In France, where this style of linen was created, the emphasis was on meticulously detailed design work. Not only was this style highly regarded, it was coveted as it was so difficult and time consuming to produce. When you think of this luxury linen, you can almost see the green countryside in springtime from bed, where your french inspired bedspread continues to be produced from one of the oldest and most highly regarded linen producers, Sferra. In time, new technologies allowed for better production time without skimping on quality. The best part of modern day bedding matelasse is that technology now allows for the intricately woven details to be produced with more precision than ever before. What was once only able to be produced by hand, is now replicated with sophisticated machinery. Upon close inspection, these newer methods make for better products with even more intricate designs. If you are asking yourself, what is matelasse bedding, think of stitching that gives off a raised, quilted look, one in which you may remember from previous travels through Europe. Perhaps when you were little you remember a set that your european grandparents had and were fortunate enough to bring them to the states with them. When you want to create a space fit for a little princess, that offers delicate refinement, consider purchasing a quality coverlet that will be a splendid display on a hand carved wooden four poster bed or highly detailed wrought iron bed frame. Not only will your special girl feel like royalty, she will want to care for her new bed linens so that they will last a great while. When decided which company to purchase your new bedding from, consider reading online reviews and look to companies like Peacock Alley for exceptional craftsmanship. Each stitch allows the details of the design to truly shine through.

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