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Laurel and Mayfair Bedding

Everyone loves a good quilt. Loving a good quilt doesn’t have to mean vintage style, dull, and boring. Beautiful and timeless quilts are all about finding the right ones. The Home Decorating Company supplies a wonderful array of quilts, some of our favorites are from Laurel and Mayfair bedding. Laurel and Mayfair quilts are charming, classic, and a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional style. These quilts are all about classic style at heirloom quality.

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With roots in San Francisco's style, Laurel and Mayfair bedding was started by sisters and business partners, Sandy and Cindy. Deep in history, charm, and a mix of comfort and elegance, Laurel and Mayfair bedding was created. Coined, “Livable Luxe,” everything about this bedding is a mix of beautiful style and timeless appeal. Each quilt and bed set is crafted with the utmost beauty, style, and charm. Growing up in San Francisco, Sandy and Cindy loved the global influence that came from their big metropolitan town. Beautiful and artistic, the Laurel and Mayfair bedding quilts and bedding will transform a space into a retreat where relaxing and sophistication are encouraged. The Laurel and Mayfair quilts come in all sizes including twin, queen, and king sizes. There is certainly a quilt for every style and any room. Whether you are looking for a coastal collection or something a bit more traditional, there is a quilt out there to fit your unique lifestyle. With a number of Jacobean quilt options available, this company takes comfort in knowing that they are delivering world class style and elegance while also staying up to date on today’s current trends. Making it easy for you to combine a classic and timeless piece with today’s more modern trends, this bedding will brighten up any space with an explosion of contemporary sophistication with more city charm. Quilts never looked so good as they do when they are made by this company. You will notice when looking at the array of quilts by Laurel and Mayfair that there seems to be a huge influence from nature. Traditional designs with a nature inspired twist allow these bedding collections to be enjoyed by young adults and older individuals alike. Patterns from Laurel and Mayfair run the gamut from floral designs to seashells and corals. The bedding is fashioned from one hundred percent cotton. Machine washable following manufacturer’s directions, these sets are just as easy to care for as they are to decorate your room with . If you don’t have a specific design in mind, but you know that you love beauty, elegance, and style, than these bedding collections are certainly for you. Take a browse through the sets to find one that inspires you!

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