Bedrock Falls Includes:
Polished River Stones
On/Off Line Switch
2 Bulbs: 1-10 Watt 12V (JC)

10.25 Inches Long By 17.75 Inches Wide By 40.25 Inches Tall

Materials: Slate, Resin

    Natural Grey Slate Finish


The natural wonders of slate are showcased in this artfully crafted Bedrock Falls Tabletop Water Fountain by Hunter Kenroy. The elegant Bedrock Falls Tabletop Water Fountain would be a great addition to your home, office, or garden and features a classic oriental black stone finish. The beauty of moving water over slate will transform your home or office into a retreat. The Bedrock Falls Tabletop Fountain features a halogen light in the top canopy, which casts a flattering illumination over the flowing water. Includes Polished River Stones, 2 Bulbs: 1-10 Watt 12V (JC), On/Off Line Switch, and Pump.Versatile water fountain can be used both indoors and outdoor.

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  • Style: Slate , Lighted

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