Cascada Includes:
Indoor/Outdoor Rated
Bulb: 1-10 Watt 12 V (MR-11)\Pump

22 Inches Long By 28 Inches Wide By 40 Inches Tall

Materials: Resin, Plastic

    Madrid Finish

    Patterned Tile Motif


Relax to the soothing sounds of flowing water with the Cascada Floor Water Fountain by Hunter Kenroy. The Cascada Water Fountain is a magnificent water sculpture that can be placed on the floor, and will become the centerpiece in any room in your home. The Kenroy Home Cascada Floor Fountain features a stunning traditional Mexican tile motif which honors the sun on a Granada inspired background. Twelve streams of water pour from the sun inspired decoration down three tiered bowls, as water trickles from twelve points it creates a wonderful water sound. Includes Bulb: 1-10 Watt 12 V (MR-11) and Pump.Versatile water fountain can be used both indoors and outdoor.

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  • Style: Lighted , Stone , Garden

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