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Grandmother Clocks

Although some grandmother clocks are referred to a such because they offer elements like curio cabinets, it is the shape and size that makes one a grandmother clock. Essentially, a grandmother clock is the same as a grandfather clock, but is about two thirds the size. There are lots of grandmother clocks for sale on the market, but it can be a confusing search, as many of these are miscategorized. We love doing this kind of research, and love bringing or findings to you! For antique lovers, we have a Ridgeway grandmother clock that you’d swear was an antique (until you realize that you don’t have to wind it, it has automatic chime shutoff, volume controls and floor levelers!). But, let’s discuss this a bit.

Narrow Your Search

There are so many misconceptions about floor clocks in general, but let’s start with this famous grandmother clock dilemma. We’ve looked around at almost every type of antique grandmother clock that’s out there on the market (we do the research for you, remember?), and have found that many times they are misunderstood and miscategorized even by the experts! At the end of the article, the ‘expert’ says, invariably with a chuckle, “honestly, we don’t have any hard and fast rules about what makes grandmother clocks. So, don’t feel bad if you’re confused! Or sometimes people ask us if we have a Tempus Fugit grandmother clock, like the one they saw in the antique store last week. We enjoy speaking to them, explaining that (as many of you know) “Tempus Fugit” means “time flies” in Latin, and that this was a generic name given to many of the more affordable, less well made, everyman clocks back in the day. There is a lot to know, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do the work, so you don’t have to! What we’ll go with for now is that this classic time-piece is sometimes one that is spring-driven and is very slim and is under 6’3”. Or maybe some are characterized by their somewhat curvaceous female shape - about the shape and size of...your grandmother! At any rate, we have everything from a classic, traditional Howard Miller grandmother clock called the Arendal, that you’ll fall right in love with. She looks a bit grandmotherly, and we’re sure she’ll enjoy watching over your family! We have ornate, simple, elegant and opulent floor clocks by the renown clockmakers Ridgeway, Kieninger and Hermle as well, that will become treasured family heirlooms for generations to come. From the plain to the ornate, no matter what your taste or budget is, we have a grandfather, grandmother, floor clock, or whatever you’ve called them growing up. The best part about buying from us? Unlike the antiques, these new models require no winding, and feature automatic chime shutoff, volume controls and floor levelers! So let us help you find your perfect new addition to the family - your new heirloom will be an important purchase. We’ve got the answers to your important questions - but you’ll have to name her yourself.

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