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Grandfather Clocks

No need to look any further in your search for the perfect grandfather clock for sale to start or finish your collection. Not only do we offer these amazing, cherished clocks but we also offer curio, tall and floor styles from the world’s leading clockmakers from Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Kieninger, and Hermle. There are a number of different longcase styles that range from traditional, modern and contemporary, German, and even antique style. We also have a collection of curio cabinet, grandmother, tall, and floor clocks.

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Our grandmother and grandfather clocks for sale come in a number of finishes and woods including cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, walnut, rosewood, and beechwood. They are also available in brass, silver, chrome, iron, and gold colors, as well as ones painted in white, red, burgundy, black, and even vanilla - surely one to fit every decor style. In 1656, a Dutchman named Christian Huygens used a pendulum as a driving device in clocks. This created the birth and beauty of the grandfather clock, that despite how time keeps flying by, it still fulfills its purpose of adequately telling time three centuries after its invention. Because of the beauty and sophistication behind these precious time pieces, they are well coveted and sought after, especially as heirlooms. Whenever a clock of this nature is seen, you will be hard pressed to not see someone marveling at its simplicity and intricate beauty. Who has not gotten excited when they have heard the grandfather clock chimes at a relative's home? We have a number of cheap grandfather clocks that not only are affordable, but also have great craftsmanship and beauty without being too pricey.This time of time telling device is unique amongst mechanical devices in that, despite the most exciting requirements of modern life, it still fulfills its purpose adequately three centuries after its invention! The durability of this magnificent item is also remarkable. What other machine has a working life measured in ‘centuries’ of running time? The best part about the classic longcase clocks we carry is that they are well known brands and should you ever have to replace the grandfather clock movements, you will have plenty of options available to you. They feature a variety of mechanisms including cable and chain quartz. These wonderful products feature wonderful melodies and tunes, including classic tunes and chimes such as Westminster Chimes, Whittington, St Michaels, Ave Maria, and Ode To Joy Chimes. You can choose from single, double and triple chime longcase style clocks. Anyone of these choices will provide you and your family a heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. One that will be cherished each time it passes hands. A staple and beautiful decorative piece, each one handcrafted for the most high quality craftsmanship that you could imagine. Take your time finding the perfect one, this is something thait will be sure to stick around for hopefully centuries to come.

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