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Floral Curtains

Grace each new day with the tender rays of morning light that stream through sheer floral curtains in delicate lace fabrics with complementary floral valances that create an ambience of old world charm. Or, take the look in a more modern direction by selecting bold and graphic black and white floral drapes that hang perfectly across a bedroom window or sliding glass doors in a living room or den. When you select panels that are semi sheer, you are able to let in some light while maintaining some privacy.

Floral Drapes - Huge Selection Available In A Variety of Colors

COLORS: Pink | Red | Blue | Yellow

Narrow Your Search

In order to create the exact look you are going for, it is important to determine how much or little light you wish to come through your new floral print curtains and what colors and flower patterns will reflect your own personal style the best. It is also greatly important to determine what hardware will match with your decor. Modern floral curtains and drapes look best with metal grommet or rod pocket styles with additional metal hardware. When hanging window treatments in the kitchen, you may select from shorter lengths from 9 to 12 inches and up. For this area you may find more stain resistant fabrics if you are hanging your floral curtain panels above a sink or near food prep areas. If your home is styled with a nod to the past, finding actual pieces from that particular era will best serve your homes decor. When choosing hooks and rods for any vintage floral curtains you may also be able to find interesting antique or vintage goods for an overall authentic look. Or, find replicas of the original pieces that are in keeping with the rest of your space. Antique ribbons used as tie backs are another great way to convey a vintage inspired look that raises the bar in a home styled in a shabby chic fashion. Classic rose prints in traditional colors of blue, yellow, or red work rather well for this style. Whether you go with deep or lighter versions of these traditional colors is a matter of personal preference and what color your surrounding walls are. For more of a modern or contemporary styled homes,, black floral curtains with brushed metal hardware may work best. For an artistic or edgier look, using bold original colors like orange, green, or purple for your floral drapes creates great impact. Large flower designs are another way to make a bold statement in any room of your home. Big flowers in striking bright colors comes across as artwork for your bare walls. For the most up to date way to hang your new floral sheet curtains, you will want them to just graze the bottom of your floor. You may also wish to hang them within the window frame itself or up to six inches beyond and six inches above the particular window you are dressing.

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