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Damask Bedding

Bring luxury and opulence to your bedroom with our selection of jacquard, brocade, and damask bedding queen and king bed sizes. Originally developed in the Middle East but made popular in England, Europe and the USA within the last 200 years our selection of damask print bedding will turn your private boudoir into a luxury oasis. Our selection of comforters and duvet covers are available in twin, full, queen and king bed sizes, and from a variety of classic and luxury home designers including Rose Tree, Austin Horn, Michael Amini and more.

Damask Bedding Sets in Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes

BEDSETS: Comforters | Duvet Covers | Quilts | Bedspreads

DECOR: Sheets | Pillows | Curtains | Black & White Drapes

COLOR: Black & White | Blue | Pink & Red | Grey | Purple | Black

OTHER: Jacquard | Paisley | Matelasse | Chenille

Narrow Your Search

Ideal for a luxurious master bedroom makeover, our selection of black and white, teal and brown damask bedding sets in queen and king sizes, or for a guest room or teens bedroom transformation we also offer twin and full bed sizes. Add the finishing touch to your damask twin bedding and jacquard inspired luxury bedroom with our jacquard decorative pillows, coverlets and blankets as well as curtains, window treatments and draperies. During the Middle Ages, trading of fabrics took place along the silk road, a trade route between China and the Mediterranean. The name damask, itself, comes from the town where this trading took place, Damascus, and its production involves intricately woven floral and geometric patterns. Because it is usually woven with silk it has a sheen to it not often found in textiles. Similar in fashion to brocade, this opulent fabric has long been a sought after style in home decor and fashion. Once only used in more formal bedrooms, this classic stylish pattern and fabric has become more mainstream. The modern damask now seen on anything from curtains, to pillows, to duvet covers and complete damask bedding sets that still feature the classic patterns typical centuries ago. More subtle and calm colors may be used to modernize the design. The actual design and pattern can be traced, most notably to Franco Scalamandre, who starting in the 1920s weaving fabrics for the most prestigious individuals. After some brief work helping out the war effort making parachutes, camouflage nets, and helmet linings, Scalamandre went back to his love of fashion and home decor. Scalamandre even weaved new fabrics for the draperies and bed linens of Thomas Jefferson in Monticello. After this, the biggest commission of his time came when he was asked to work on the draperies and bedding for the Kennedy’s stay at the white house. Red, gold and teal damask bedding quickly became an even more riveting design, sought out by royalty and lay people alike.

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