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Bring style and elegance to your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living and dining room with our selection of designer curtains, from some of the world premier luxury home designers including Waverly, Croscill, Ralph Lauren, J Queen New York, Laura Ashley, Nautica, Barbara Barry and Waterford. We offer a wide selection of drapery, in a variety of lengths and widths to fit your, for smaller kitchen and bathroom windows consider curtains 20, 28 and 36 inches long, these are typically cafe, tier or tie up styles for kitchen windows and door. For standard size windows in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms 63, 66 inches long will hang below the bottom... [CONTINUED BELOW]

Shop For Curtains by Length, Room, Header & Type

LENGTH: 36 | 63 | 66 | 84 | 95 | 96 | 98 | 108 Inches Long

ROOM: Bathroom | Kitchen | Bedroom | Living Room | Family Room | Dining Room | Great

HEADER: Pleated | Tab Top | Grommet | Eyelet | Rod Pocket | Ring Top

TYPE: Valances | Sheers | Blackout | Thermal | Lined | Cafe | Tier | Tie Up | Tie Backs

STYLE: Modern | Country | Tropical | Western | Shabby Chic

Narrow Your Search

For larger windows, or if you want your draperies to hang down to the floor we offer extra long drapes that are 84, 86, 88, 95, 96, 98 inches long, and even 108 and 120 inches long, these are ideal for oversized and extra large windows typically found in a great room. We also offer window treatments in various widths, there are no standard widths, as you can vary the width to achieve different levels of fullness, but common widths for are 44, 48, 55, 80, 84 inches wide. Wide curtains are ideal for bay and wider windows, as well as for sliding glass doors, and french doors. For a kids or teens bedrooms we feature a selection of fashion forward window covering designs. Girls and teen girls curtains feature camouflage in hot pink, or modern designs in zebra stripe and cheetah and leopard prints in lime green and purple, or 60’s retro tie dye or paisley print drapery for a bohemian style. For boys and teenage boys we have sports drapes, that feature NFL football teams, as well as NBA basketball, baseball, soccer, ice hockey as well as college and university sports team logos, of for stylish and relaxed boys bedroom window decor consider stripes in blue and white for a nautical style, or bold stripes and chevron zig zag fabrics for a European designer look and feel.

Master bedroom, dining room, living room and great room window treatments including luxury coverings in red, burgundy and gold damask and jacquard; vintage floral and flower print drapery for a country cottage or coastal cottage shabby chic; classic black and white toile for a French country style for a feminine room decor that women will adore. For a rustic log cabin or mountain lodge decor style we feature western and southwestern themes, in plaid and check; authentic wild west prints with leather tassels, brass grommets and leather and suede tie backs with native American and Mexican patterns and designs. Want bright colors and designs, our selection of tropical and beach inspired coverings, feature palm trees and banana leaf fabrics, or Hawaiian and Caribbean designs for a tropical island getaway. We feature a wide selection of solid colored curtains, choose from bright vibrant beach theme draperies in colors or red, orange, teal, lime green, pink, turquoise blue, peach, yellow and coral purple drapery, that are great for a kids room and a teenage boys and girls bathroom. For a master bedroom or living room, more sedate colors are available, including gold, navy blue, burgundy red, olive and emerald green. For interior designer style choose drapes in some of this years hottest decorator colors like white, cream and ivory, chocolate brown, mocha, taupe and beige. Black, navy, silver and grey are great colors for mens curtains, that guys and teenage boys are sure to enjoy.

For bedrooms we offer a large selection of bedding with matching curtains, with twin, full, queen and king size comforters, quilts, bedspreads and duvet covers with matching drapes and panels in complementing colors, fabrics, prints and designs. For a great nights sleep we also feature a wide range of lined and blackout window panels will block out any light, and lined drapes will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Not sure which window treatments are best for you to buy, our online curtain reviews will give you great decor ideas, insight and information, these reviews come from customers just like your, and will let you know the which are the best styles for you. For kitchens and bathrooms tie-up and tier designs are ideal for both windows and doors, they add a rustic country cottage feel to any room. We sell drapes in a variety of fabrics including satin, sateen and silk for a modern contemporary Asian and Japanese style. Linend are ideals for a cottage style, and have a rustic tropical or nautical style. But pure cotton panels and coverings are our best sellers, in bright colors and prints, lined cotton drapes provide superior blackout as well as insulation, plus they are easy to clean, many are machine washable and available individual panels as well as pairs.

Have a particular header in mind, we offer modern tab top, eyelet and grommet style drapery panels, to classic vintage style rufflette, pencil and pinch pleat headers, we have the best window coverings for you home. Add the finishing touch with a decorative valance, which decorate the top of your window and hide the top of your header and the hardware, rod or pole. We offer valances in classic tailored styles, as well as swag, cascading and waterfall styles for a luxury living room, great room, family room and bedroom. We also offer a selection of hardware, including rods and poles, hooks and tie backs, to keep your drapes open during the day. Sheers are also a wonderful idea, when you want to allow light in during the day, but still want privacy, sheers and semi sheer panels are ideal for kitchen and bathroom windows of for door panels, and are are available in many lengths, we even offer sheers in ruffled lace, and in cafe or tier styles.

Want luxury draperies, without the luxury price tag. Our selection of sale items, feature clearance and on sale drapes that are discounted by up to 75%, shop for discounted and cheap window treatments and valances that can help make your next decorating project fun and inexpensive. Our selection of over 1400 window coverings and valances make us one of the large online curtain stores and outlets

What is the difference curtains vs drapes? People use the terms interchangeably, but they are are different. Drapes are grander window treatments that hang to the floor, and are often finished with a valance, they tend to be more luxurious and traditional in style,and used for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. Draperies featuring classic damask, brocade and jacquard fabrics, or floral prints in heavy weight fabrics. Curtains are typically used in kitchens and bathrooms, or on doors, and only hang a little below the frame and are normally made of lighter weight fabric, and can even be sheer or semi sheer. Window treatments is the term used to describe your entire window decor display including the panels, valances and sheers - as well as including the hardware, hooks, pole, rod and tie backs.

How to measure for curtains? When measuring your windows for drapes, follow these simple steps, and you will buy the correct size and they will hang perfectly;

Step 1. First decide how many inches above the window you will hang your rod. Typically rods and poles are hung 1 to 3 inches above the top of the frame . We will call this point A.

Step 2. Next decide how far down you want your window treatments to hang below the bottom of the frame. Do you want your them to hang a few inches below the window frame, or all the way down to the floor or somewhere in between. We will call this point B.

Step 3. Measure from point A to point B. This will be the length, you panels will actually be a few inches longer than this measurement, because the length of the header is not included in the length, we will call this Measurement C.

Step 4. Now we need to know how wide our curtains will be. Simply measure from the outside of the mount from one side to the other. We will call this Measurement D. This is not the width of you will need, you will actually want them to clear your window, not blocking when they are open, and hang about 6 inches outside the window when they are open, so add between 8 and 12 inches to Measurement D, we will call this Measurement E. Now the last thing to decide is how full you want them to look when they are closed, we recommend that you add approx 50% to Measurement E to provide a full look when they are closed, we will call this final width Measurement F

Step 5. Measurement F is the width you require, and Measurement C in the length of the you require. Note that measurements are always presented width by length in inches - example; is the dimensions of pairs is 80 x 63; this means they are 80 inches wide by 63 inches long - if this were a pair that includes 2 panels, typically the width would be for both panels combined, so in this example, each panel would be 40 inches wide. However some designers do not provide a combined widths, so check the exact specification for the items you are interested in.

What Are Curtains? They are decorative piece of fabric that is commonly used to block or control the amount of light that comes through a window. They are used throughout a home including the kitchen, bathroom bedroom, dining and family room, living room and great room. They add an attractive decorating accent and style to any room, and are an affordable and cheap way to freshen up your decor. A curtain blocks out light, ensures privacy and offer insulation during warm and cold periods. They are also normally opened manually, however automatic, remote-controlled rods and hardware are become more popular and are ideal for a modern lifestyle.

What Are Window Treatments? A window treatment includes all the coverings, and is the overall face of your window which includes drapes, valances, sheets and other ornaments – building up the mood and theme that you want everyone to experience.

What Are The Different Types of Curtains?

Rod Pocket - A rod pocket, features a header or sleeve at the top, into which a rod or pole is inserted. Also known as a pole pocket, a rod pocket drapery does not need hooks or rings, and because it hides the rod, can be used with less expensive hardware, poles and tracks. Many rods include two poles, one for the rod pocket drape, the second for the sheer.

Tab Top For a casual, modern style a tab top drape is a great choice for a modern loft style decor or for a kids or teen boys or girls bedroom. Tab top drapes feature flat loops at the top, that run along the top edge, through which the rod or pole is inserted. A tab tap is highly functional and would need no cords when opening or closing it.

Ring Top - A ring top style is hung on fancy decorative rings which are attached to the top of a header, or attached with pins to the back of the header. Fancy rings can be decorative and add to the decor style in the room, and do not require a cord or pulley to open and close them.

Grommet & Eyelet - A very popular window covering style, with a modern contemporary style, grommet or eyelet drapes feature holes in the header fabric, through which the rod that is passed, these holes are normally framed with metal grommets or rings, or reinforced with extra stitching to ensure the fabric does not rip or tear as they are opened and closed.

Pencil Pleat & Pinch Pleat - A pencil pleat style creates a vintage, victorian style, and feature folds (or pleats) at the header that are grouped closely together in order to create a resemblance of pencils that are laid side by side in one straight row. Such folds are made through pulling the cords that are on the heading tape and sequentially winding them to a cord tidy which therefore holds the pleats in good position. A pencil pleat can also be used on poles as well as tracks. Pinch pleats are similar but feature 2-3 folds.

Thermal or Blackout Curtains - A thermal panels provides extra insulation against the heat and cold, keeping your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter and helping reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Blackout designs feature a thick lining fabric which prevents light from shining through, making them ideal for bedroom.

Sheers - If you want light to pass through your window while keeping the privacy, then a semi sheer or sheer would be a great choice for you. Sheers allow light through but do not allow anyone to see through them, and can can be used on their own, or combine with traditional fabric drapes.

Window Scarf - A scarf valance is used to frame your window, this decorative fabric is wrapped over the top of your sheer for a luxury style.

Valance - A valance frames the top of your window available in several styles including tailored, cascade, swag and waterfall and are paired with matching drapes, or used on their own to decorate kitchens.

What Are Standard Curtain Sizes, Lengths & Widths

Standard Width(s) No standard widths exist for as you can vary the width of the covering you use for a fuller or less full appearance. But standard widths are.

46 inches wide
66 inches wide
80 inches wide
90 inches wide

Standard Length(s)

20, 28, 36 inches long - tier, cafe or tie up types for kitchens and bathrooms
63, 66, 84, 86, 88 inches long - for standard size windows or floor length styles
95, 96, 98, 108, 120 inches long - for extra long windows


Rods & Poles - Rods have been used to hang drapery panels for hundred of years, made from wood or metal, in a variety of decorative designs and styles including a classic rod, return rod, tension rod, and track rod.

Finials - Used as decorative ends of a rod, finials is available in a lot of trendy shapes and finishes. Finial shapes include leaves, scrolls, oval balls, round balls, and a lot more, while finial finishes range from silver to copper – two of the most common finishes. It is important to pick the right finial piece, complimenting your other window treatments as it is clearly visible to everyone.

Tie Backs - A tie back is a soft loop of different materials such as fabric, leather, chain, and decorative twisted cord which is used to hold back curtain fabric during the day. and therefore allowing more natural light to show through.

Rings - For the convenience of opening or closing of your panels easily, the use of a ring and simply sliding it along a rod should do the job.

Curtain Hanging - Follow these steps for perfectly hung draperies

- Decide the type that you want.

- Think about where the rod should go. You might want it way higher or lower the frame – browse through the internet for aesthetic suggestions depending on the style of covering and frame you have.

- Knowing how much coverage you need is important. Consider the amount of light you want to block or let through, as well as the level of privacy you need to provide.

- Grab a tape measure and see the measurement from the rod up to the desired bottom spot, as well as from side-to-side. As for generously full curtains, it is best to multiply by 2 the side-to-side measurement.


Texture - Considering the texture of your drapes is building up the mood of your room. An extended selection of textures is available which you should pick with style and proper knowledge on each and every piece of them. Just like how formal spaces would fit with the heavy silk or velvet textures, but if you’re after practicality and washable fabrics, then a silk-rayon blend as well as cotton sateen would be perfect choices. Moreover, as most people need casual decor texture styles, any other cotton or cotton blends would offer a neat and crisp feel to any room theme there is.

Color - The color is also very important in setting the entire mood of your room. If you want complimenting decors all throughout, then the color off your should most likely have the same shade as your walls. Moreover, you may pick out contrasting colors for that extra wow effect. Also remember that as natural light shines through your curtain, a color infusion will occur.

Prints and Patterns - Some very simple rule: if your room’s filled up with patterned bedding, furniture, or walls, then always remember to choose solid colored designs. Nevertheless, if the rest of your room is of solid color, then maybe you’d like to consider patterned styles – though not necessary. A huge variety of prints and patterns are being made and you’ll have the chance to browse through endless design possibilities. It’s up to you now, how would you like your room to look like

Lined Curtains - Window pairs with a cotton lining will hang more elegantly, and blockout more light, protecting against the sunlight and enhance the insulation when the weather becomes too cold. Individual linings are available for both for lightweight and heavyweight accents. Some linings are available separately and can be added and removed at different times of the year, and make cleaning and washing easier.

How To Care For Your Curtains
1. Keep them hanging several inches away from the glass pane, ensuring they don't touch the glass or sill and are protected from away from condensation.

2. If you notice crease and pressure marks on your new velvet pairs, there’s no need to worry as those will soon disappear as its pile lifts up and fabric quality returns.

3. To help the pleats back in position, simply run your fingers along its common folds.

4. It is recommended that you fit tracks and rods with cords so as to prevent touching velvet, silk panels.

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