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Modern Grandfather Clocks

Offering a variety of stunning timepieces that take the traditional old art of clockmaking to a new level, we see some beautiful examples of contemporary grandfather clocks, ranging from the sleek chrome and glass Viveka Grandfather Clock by the Kieninger Clock Company to the Howard Miller Vercelli Grandfather Clock, which features scrolling ironwork and graceful curves. Modern grandfather clock design borrows from old tradition and art, but adds new technology like volume controls and automatic chime shutoffs, for example. The slender Kieninger Bartholomew Grandfather Clock is art deco style with simple, elegant lines in black and chrome. This limited edition is one of many modern grandfather clocks for sale that feature exquisite design and superb modern technology to enhance the beauty of your home.

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The art of clockmaking has a long history and an interesting story. Contemporary grandfather clocks got their beginning long ago, in Italy, when Galileo invented the first pendulum - a large affair that required an enormous space to swing. Today, the modern grandfather clock still uses the same basic principle of timekeeping, but with the added benefit of modern technology. The first pendulum clock was designed and built by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens, in 1656, with early versions off by less than one minute per day, and later ones only by 10 seconds! But what makes a grandfather clock modern? Grandfather clocks first arrived in England, and developed into more or less the ones we still see today, however certain extras have been added that would make Galileo proud. When you select a modern grandfather clock like the Howard Miller Tamarack Grandfather Clock, you’re getting not only incredible art deco detail in glass, wood, and straight lines, but technological improvements that make owning and operating these clocks so easy. With this new modern grandfather clock, you get not only a great looking linear floor clock with an open frame dial to create a classically modern look, but an automatic nighttime chime shutoff, adjustable levelers under all corners to keep the clock level on uneven surfaces or carpet and a convenient quartz grandfather clock movement to keep time faithfully. If only we could depend on people like we do these grandfather clocks! Other available styles include the graceful, slender Kieninger Antoinette Grandfather Clock, with its beveled glass doors, and black hardwood cabinet. The solid wood, straight waist, and Roman style arched pediment accent the chrome plated oversized lyre pendulum and weight shells. But wait, there’s also the handsome Howard Miller Urban Floor III, in crisp black and white, with a nickel finished bezel and and simple hour markers and hands! These are but a few of the fantastic designs available today, and we are pleased to our special, hand picked selections to you. Whether your home decor is mostly antiques, or is outfitted in more updated style, you will find a contemporary grandfather clock that will be perfect for that space in the hall that cries out for something special; your grandfather clock - a member of the family.

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