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Chevron Bedding

Transform your bedroom into a zigzag and famous design house Missoni themed sanctuary with our selection of chevron bedding sets. Our chevron bed sets, collections and ensembles with bring zigzag interior design panache to your little girls or teens bedroom. Did you know that the hottest trend in teen decor - Chevron bedding, is actually a pattern that originated in medieval times - go figure! Yes chevron - also known as cheveron is the classic V shaped pattern that was often used in medieval times on flags, insignia and even on knights shields. And later on it became used as a symbol on soldiers uniforms to identify their rank - think about the V shaped decoration on military uniforms. If you’re a fan of the movie 300 which featured the hunky Gerard Bulter as King Leonidas - the Spartan shields in that movie featured the Greek lambda or upside down V.

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Ok enough of the history lesson, I can see you’re already falling asleep, now lets fast forward to the 1950’s and 60’s when Italian fashion house Missoni was founded by Rosita and Ottavio Missoni - with a focus of bold knitwear designs that became all the fad in the 1970’s. Missoni pioneered the use of the chevron stripe pattern in clothing. and combined this funky zig zag pattern with a colorful kaleidoscope - imagine hot pink, with lemon yellow, purple, tangerine, fire engine red and so many more colors - its 1977 and the beautiful people are getting down at Studio 54 disco in New York city showing off their latest Missoni inspired chevron striped outfits.

Well now this chichi, swanky design is in vogue again, but this time as a home textiles print. Fun, exciting and adventurous Chevron bedding sets comforters and duvet covers, combine oversized zig zag stripes with contrasting colors for a mode that any teenage girl would delight in. Imagine a Chevron bed set in black and white, hot pink, subdued grey and white - very industrial, or teal, turquoise and navy blue - even red and orange - and they are all available in twin and full sizes, even twin xl for college dorm beds, as well as king and queen sizes for your master bedroom chamber.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Chevron - When decorating your bedroom with chevron bedding sets, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Firstly, your furniture style will dictate how you can effectively use a chevron print. If you have modern or minimalist furniture you will not want to overwhelm the space by using the chevron pattern everywhere, but rather, highlight it by strategically placing it in splashes or accents, or in one large area of focus. Imagine a white leather platform bed with an intricately drawn variation of a navy blue chevron print bedding cover or duvet that is bold, and really stands out. Having a bedspread like this and there is little to no need for the zig zag pattern to appear anywhere else. Mix it with solid color fabrics for the window coverings and bed sheets. Even the accent pillows would benefit from being large or small blocks of solid color, perhaps choosing round bolsters, rectangular and square shaped decorators in bright yellow, navy blue, and white. If your furniture is more rustic, with distressed wood pieces or antique metal, like a rod iron day bed or a queen or king sized rod iron frame, there will be more room to play with the sought after chevron pattern. With a more shabby chic vibe, you can mix the zig zag pattern with smaller or larger type for the bedding, from the sheets and shams to the drapery and accent pillows. You still may want to stick with only a few basic colors like, black and white, blue, light gray, dark grey, with pops of color from yellow or pink. This look is youthful and hip look and is well suited for young kids, teens, tweens, and college students, male and female alike and comes in all the standard sizes. For a small space, chevron bedding sets accompanied with solid colored window coverings, solid colored accent rugs and throws all in light colors may really open up the space. Conversely, if you are trying to pull the eye in in a large room, you may choose darker colors for the curtains as well as placing a large dark rug to balance the space. If there is a lot of open wall space, you may consider hanging darker hued window panels and extend them six inches above and six inches beyond the window frame to balance out the negative wall space. In a large room or on a large bed with foot boards there is a great opportunity to have a multitude of oversized pillows mixed with various shapes and sizes that when not in use can store discreetly under the bed and keep it concealed with a elasticated matching bedskirt. This attention to detail really rounds out the look of your bedroom. Chevron twin bedding and full and queen size sets have increasingly gained popularity in recent years due in large part by the influence of the design company Missoni whose interesting color combinations in the 1970’s gained instant recognition in the design world and continues to make an impact with modern styles of today.

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