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Bluebellgray Bedding

Bluebellgray bedding was established in 2009 and has quickly grown into one of the most exquisite and sought after brands in Scotland. Now, you don’t have to go far to bring a bluebellgray bed set into your home. We have a number of striking and contemporary collections that will add a fresh and beautiful look to any bedroom. Bright colors, and beautiful water-color blooms are just the start of what this bedding company has to offer.

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One of the reasons that bluebellgray bedding is so visually appealing is that the designer, Fi Douglas, had a clear mission to create painterly pieces that were unique and pleasing to the eye. Fi is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, and uses her visions to create vibrant designs full of color and florals. You can see both her passion and her design style behind every bluebellgray bed set. Full of colorful and oversized watercolor blooms, this company has a signature style that is highly sought after. Perfect for those seeking something eclectic and bold, bluebellgray bedding will add a pop of color and extraordinary style to your room. If you are looking for something unique to bring into your home that is so much more than just a piece of bedding, than these collections are for you. Full of life, beauty, and style, bluebellgray will brighten up your room with a breath of fresh air. The designer’s goal was that these pieces would fit in with any lifestyle and design. Refreshing, airy, and perfect for spring or summer, these designs will add a chic and fashionable look to any space in your home. Not only are these sets fashionable and contemporary enough for you loft, apartment, guest room, or master suite, the quality is undeniable. You may even come across your collection in home magazines surrounded by exquisite furnishings, sun-drenched rooms, and contemporary designs. Your duvet cover or comforter from this company will be just the start of your obsession with the brand. Channel your interior design spirit and get creative in your bedroom design. The easiest way to switch up the look of your space is to switch up the linens. And, what better way than with these invigorating designs. The Tansaray II duvet cover set is just one of example of the style you will get with these collections. The floral blooms look as though they were hand painted with beautiful watercolors - special attention given to each bloom. The contrast of the florals against the crisp white background make the design really stand out. The beautiful color palette of the deep purples, and vibrant greens will take center stage in any room. Your bluebellgray bed set will be the crowning jewel in your bedroom design, and it is so well made that you can keep it around for years to come.

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