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Blue Zebra Bedding

Wow your fashion conscious teenager with blue zebra print bedding that will bring a funky fresh vibe to any bedroom. There are a great many shades to choose from that work well with black stripes. Turquoise zebra bedding is a perfect shade to incorporate into the African animal inspired print. Pairing a bright color like turquoise gives the surroundings a peppy and fashion forward look that will be well received by your teenager and all of her school friends.

Narrow Your Search

For a more dramatic and urban way to use blue zebra bedding is by selecting darker shades like midnight or navy for the bedspread or matching window coverings. An added window valance will enrich the look. Scandi style furniture is a darling accompaniment to blue zebra print bedding. Another style of decor, shabby chic, is another fantastic way to showcase the stripes with a more eclectic vibe. Teal zebra bedding is a combination of colors for sheets and comforters that show well the trendy shabby chic style. Teal in particular, looks sharp alongside black stripes and silver fixtures and other cool elements in the room. Sky blue zebra bedding is a striking and ultimately feminine selection. A shaggy sky blue rug adds a bit of coziness while maintaining the essence of cool. When you combine non traditional colors with this animal print staple, you come up with an original and unique look. Look for online sources to locate great deals on well crafted, luxury blue zebra print bedding making them an affordable and inexpensive treat for your teen to enjoy. Keep the look uncluttered by smartly storing accent toss and extra sheet sets under the bed and hidden away with a long drop corner elasticated wraparound dustruffle. Blue zebra bedding is a clever choice for a dorm room setting as it is hip, trendy, and inviting. Your daughters friends will be wowed by the level of chic when they come over to hang in a bedroom filled with cool African vibes and fresh colors. If you are able to locate a bed in a bag set, you will be able to pull the look of a whole room together without having to purchase each element separately. If you go the route of buying bed linens individually, look for items from the same manufacturer so that the colors match precisely. Certain fabrics like linen or silk will require extra care, even dry cleaning but are worth the investment as they offer another level of luxury. Cotton blends, micro fibers and other synthetic fabrics may be easy to care for and will not be as likely to fade. Typically, black and blue zebra bedding lets itself to cool tones. Try silver or black rods to hang drapery with. Black silk cords with a bit of fringe is a fabulous detail and a clever way to tie back drapery.

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