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Blanket, Coverlet & Throws

We offer a large variety of blankets and coverlets that make a great addition to your current bed set and we are sure to have one to match your decor and style with over hundreds to choose from. We carry blankets and coverlets from designers such as Wooded River, Greenland Home Fashions, Calvin Klein, Donna Sharp, Peacock Alley, Traditions Linens, Sferra, Austin Horn, and C&F among others. The blankets are available in a variety of colors including white, blue, ivory, black, grey, taupe, beige, brown, gold, green, purple, and many other colors. Blanket sizes include twin, full, queen, and king. Materials used to make the blankets include cotton, linen, nylon on an insulating base, rayon, and polyester. Some are in a solid color while others feature a pattern or style including floral, chevron, patchwork, diamond, animals, plaids, southwestern, stripes, and geometric just to name a few. We also carry baby blankets for that special little one in your life.The coverlets are available in a variety of colors and are normally solid with a quilted design. Available colors include blues, browns, beige, ivory, white, blues, purples, browns, reds, greens, and some feature more than one color. They are normally made from cotton but can be made from other materials. The quilted patterns may feature stripes, diamonds, cable stitch, 18th Century patterns, geometrics, or just a solid. Throws are available with a variety of patterns and colors and are made from various materials. Many of our bed sets have a matching throw that you can purchase which can be used with or without the bed linens. The throws make a great addition to your set and can be used for display by being hung on a rack or draped at the end of the bed for an added touch or used in your family room or living room. Throws are available from designers that include Lacoste, Wooded River, VHC Brands, Calvin Klein, Greenland Home Fashions,and Taylor Linens just to name a few. Many different colors and patterns can be found on the throws and mirror the pattern of the main set or coordinate the look. They are made from materials such as cotton, polyester and faux fur.

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What is a blanket? It is a large piece of cloth used to cover a bed or other covering for added warmth. A blanket is great for taking the radiating heat from a body and warming a person rather than the heat dissipating into the air. Blankets tend to be thicker and are used for warmth and comfort.

What is a coverlet? It is similar to a bedspread but it is typically less than floor length unlink a bedspread. They are usually quilted or woven and are normally not reversible. They are designed to be used as a decorative layer but they can also be used alone as most times they feature a batting and are lightweight. They look great when paired with comforters, duvet cover or bedspreads.

What is a throw? A throw is similar to a blanket but smaller and can be used for decoration or they can be used for warmth to cover up with while reading a book, watching TV or when you just want to relax. Many times the throw will match the main bed linens or will coordinate the look perfectly. The throw looks great on armchairs, couches or sofas.

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