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Black And White Curtains

Black and white curtains round out and complete the look of any bedroom. They offer the final flair to truly give your room a luxurious designer feel. Add in that they provide temperature control and light blocking and you have a design element that is both decorative and functional. Black and white window curtains come in solid options as well as stripes, polka dots, chevron and damask patterns to complement your bed lines, rug and accessories. Look to Calvin Klein, Peacock Alley, DKNY and Nanette Lapor for high-quality, well tailored choices. For warmth in winter and cool in summer, search our thermal black and white drapes.

Narrow Your Search

Light cancelling or light blocking black and white curtains offer privacy and don’t allow in the sun or outdoor lights. Both of these choices offer a nice, dark environment which is more conducive to peaceful rest and sleep for all the family. Light blocking are also known as lined curtains. With any of these selections, think about using a sheer or semi sheer curtain underneath so that when you do want light, you are able to let some in while still having privacy. Black and white curtainss work beautifully with contemporary and traditional styles in any bedroom so don’t think of just one use, try different looks that make a statement whether it’s for your teen son, tween daughter, toddler or your own master suite. Windows come in various sizes; we carry black and white curtains to fit everything from the café size basement window in your teen’s room to the cathedral height in your master bedroom and everything in between. Lengths we offer include shorter at 63 and 66 inches to standard 84 for standard windows, longer options in 86-120 inches as well as extra-long lengths and extra-wide sizes. Consider your room style when looking at the hanging choices for your black and white curtain panels; think grommet, rings and tab tops for a more modern feel and pleats, pinch pleats and ties for traditional styles. Your hardware should follow the same line of thinking; sleek matted or shiny silver, bronze or black wood curtain rods look wonderful in a contemporary setting while gold, blonde and brown woods and more ornate rods in a traditional room. Imagine black and white window treatments in all your choices - very thin stripes for smaller space to very bold, wide stripes, small polka dots or large dots with little background, damask, chevron and so many more. Curtains are the crowning glory of each bedroom’s design and style. For help with all these details and deciding which will work best for you, check out an online review or two. Curtains are pieces of fabric sewn into various size panels that serve as window treatments. Cotton, silk, linen, bamboo and sateen are some of the choices for black and white drapes for any room in the house. You may choose from solids, stripes, polka dots, chevron, damask and other patterns to complement your linens whether they are high contrast colors or full of pastels and bright colors. It’s always in style to mix and match and create a unique room that is yours and only yours with its fashionable sense.

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