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Bella Taylor Bedding

If you are looking for something eclectic, bright and stylish to add to your bedroom design, Bella Taylor bedding will bring you fashionable new bed sets that feature trendy patterns and quilting styles. Hoping to reach a whole new class of buyers, Bella Taylor Home bedding is a combination of the expertise in design, sourcing, and on trend styles bringing new life to modern day quilts. These new and fun quilts will stand out from the typical country quilt design but give you beautiful craftsmanship and design that you can expect from a classic hand crafted quilt.

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Brand new and simply amazing, Bella Taylor bedding came about when Bella Taylor’s head of Product Development was on the search for a unique and beautiful bedding collection for her daughter’s bedroom. Bella Taylor Home bedding is for the trendy consumer that wants high quality bedding but nothing too stuffy or too traditional. These new bedding collections bring a fun and feminine chic look to any room with six collections; Addison, Emma, Mariah, Taylor, and a grey and white more simplistic option for Rochelle. Whatever you are looking for in your bedroom space, there is a bedding set for you in one of these collections. Ranging from feminine and fun, to bohemian and chic, these collections are sure to brighten up any bedroom design. Alot of the new Bella Taylor bedding collections give you an unconventional and artistic way to express your love for beauty and art. Ruffles, florals, and bohemian nomadic designs will bring a spirited vibe to any room. You might not worry too much about being on trend and fashionable, but if you are looking for a boho chic bedding collection, you are bound to find yourself with something inviting, sexy, and delightful. Pair any of the Bella Taylor bedding with vivid color furnishings with a vintage touch and you will find yourself with a cheerful and fun atmosphere - a perfect place to spend your days and nights. Giving you a laid back and relaxed feeling, these bedding collections are sure to bring a smile to your day. The designs and styles that these collections feature are at the same time unusual, yet very popular. You can expect flowy fabrics, ruffles, beautiful textures, and detailed accent pieces - everything you need to transform the look in your bedroom into something you will look forward to spending time in every night. Even simple white walls, wood floors, and a few windows will look brand new, bright, and beautiful with the help of any one of these bedding collections. You will be glad that you took the chance with these brand new bedding collections and you will be sure to be hooked for life. We can’t wait to see what else Bella Taylor Home has to offer.

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