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The name Barbara Barry stands for a singular blend of elegance and livability. Barbara Barry bedding collections and interior design speak to the purity of form and the simplicity of line. A world renown interior designer whose is known for combining international flair with sophistication and style - this iconic designer has been named as one of the “World’s 100 Best Designers” by Architectural Digest list. Many of America’s most prominent families have commissioned her to create their one of kind homes. Now you can bring the same luxury and elegant sophistication into your home with Barbara Barry duvet covers, comforters, coverlets and quilts including the best selling Poetical, Night Blossom and Dream ensembles. These fine linens combine opulent yet simple fabrics, with hand crafted embroidery, with Asian and Hotel style influences and are available in a variety of bed sizes including Queen and King sizes, and feature complimenting European and standard shams, and bold decorative pillows, cushions and complimenting bedskirts, as well as matching curtains. In addition her line of classic Barbara Barry sheets and bed linens, feature 500 thread count 100% pima cotton will bring elegance and simplicity to your bedroom.

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Founded in 1895 in Southern California, Barbara Barry design company. Originating in residential interior design, but has since has grown to include commercial design, as well as an extensive portfolio of furniture and home and bedroom decor products. Her name stands for a singular blend of elegance and livability. The work that emerges from the designer’s office speaks to purity of form and simplicity of line, whether it is in a custom home, a signature fabric, a dream silk coverlet quilt set or plush comforter set, a decorative pillow, or the classic Barbara Barry Poetical bedding and duvet set. Her designs are renowned for being international in scope and sophisticated in style. Many of America’s most prominent families have commissioned her to create their homes, while additional commissions range from restaurants and retail spaces, to private offices and custom yachts. The firm’s approach is hands on. With each client and each project, Barry and her talented staff of twelve strive to re-define the phrase, “custom made.” To accomplish this they engage the services of the finest craftspeople working in their particular field of expertise. The firm engages on every level of design, preferring to join a project at the earliest phases of concept and working closely with the architect and the client throughout. She has earned a distinctive place in design history with honors including Interior Design “Hall of Fame,” Architectural Digest list of “World’s 100 Best Designers,” House Beautiful “Giants of Design,” and “Designer of the Year” from Elle Décor International Design. Additionally, she has been awarded the ASID “Designer of Distinction,” “Designer of the Year” by Traditional Home and “Best in Residential Design” by Interiors Magazine. And now her line of fine bed covers,, is becoming an American staple across the country. These collections including the opulent Poetical and Night Blossom bed sets are sold in design centers and fine furniture stores throughout the world. Today, there are galleries in Bangkok, Singapore, and Moscow with Kuala Lumpur due to open in 2013. In 2012 she also wrote her first book, Around Beauty published by Rizzoli. In her own words “I live unabashedly for beauty, both inner and outer, and I always have. My personal and professional lives are grounded in the relationship between beauty and the observation of beauty, following my belief that the simple discovery of their connection is transforming.” “My highest inspiration comes from nature; it influences all that I do. The understatement of an all-green garden, the simplicity of fresh-cut flowers and the composition of a spiraling shell show me that less is more. My work is about the experience of being human, intimately connected to nature. Underneath all I design lies the solid belief that beauty is a positive force.” “Born in northern and living in southern California it’s apparent how much California has influenced my work. The pale blue-grays of the San Francisco fog, the saturated celadons of Los Angeles’s agaves, and the myriad of greens out my every window have formed my signature palette. The constant California light has illuminated for me the power of nuance.” “My mother, the other key influence in my life and my work, was an oil painter and an inventor. She was full of original ideas and taught me to believe in my own. One of her greatest lessons she embodied and passed down to me was that style had nothing to do with money and everything to do with how you felt about yourself…in a word, confidence.”

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