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Antique Grandfather Clocks

Antique grandfather clocks have been cherished and sought after since the very first models arrived on the scene, thanks to English clockmaker, William Clement in the late 1600s. Pendulum clocks have been trusted for accurate timekeeping up until the early 20th century - that’s a pretty good track record! Today, there are antique grandfather clocks for sale everywhere, and many are in remarkable condition. However, there are advantages to buying a newly made long case clock rather than an authentic antique grandfather clock. We’ve done all the work for you, and researched the best quality reproduction antique grandfather clocks available today, by Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Kieninger and Hermle. It’s a very interesting and exciting story - so, let’s go!

Narrow Your Search

The Eisenhower Grandfather Clock is an example of a traditional antique grandfather clock made by the Howard Miller Clock Company. This model is a member of the Presidential Collection of luxury grandfather clocks! Pretty impressive, eh? This clock features a swan-neck pediment, book-matched crotch-figured veneers, turned urn finials, carved rosettes, and an inlaid keystone with the Prince of Wales motif using Maple, Padauk, Amaranth, and Ebony veneers on a Madrona Burl background. We have that and so many more, in everything from models that look like traditional antique grandfather clocks, to gorgeous art deco models, ultra modern, simple and ornate. When you see an antique grandfather clock for sale out there in the world, you’re probably tempted to buy ‘the real thing’ - it’s beautiful, it’s old, and it actually works! Surely it’s got to be a great investment! Hm. Let’s start by understanding the way our grandfather clock’s antique mechanism works. Longcase clocks use a second or royal pendulum, which means that each swing takes one second. Because these are a meter long to the center of the bob, it requires a long, narrow case to swing. For a long time, they were the way to go. They still can work just fine, and buying one sounds like a lot of fun! Why not! Well, you’re right, except for a few details - you have to wind it regularly, every week! And if you’re like most people these days, you have busy schedules and it’s very easy to forget. Oh, and if you’ve bought one that’s lost its crank, you’ll have to find one of those! Finding antique grandfather clock repair? Good luck! If you like sleeping through the night, you’d better get used the the clock announcing the hour - every hour...and they’re loud! You can’t turn down the volume on the antiques. Never fear - you can still have the look you want.We’ve got excellent choices in long case clocks, also known as antique grandfather clocks, from the traditional to very beautiful modern designs. We’ve found you everything, from warm cherry, mahogany, rustic oak and maple finishes, exotic hardwoods and veneers, inlays, overlays, moldings, elaborate fancy motifs and simple designs. We’ve got traditional clocks, elegant art deco, floor clocks and more clocks! The new clocks require no winding, with great features like automatic chime cutoff, floor levelers and...volume controls!

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