Adagio Aspen Falls Wall Water Fountain - Square Corners Includes:
Polished River Rock
Halogen Lighting
EZ Installation Instructions
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50 Inches Wide By 54 Inches Tall By 6 Inches Deep

    Stainless Steel Finish

    Rajah Natural Slate


The Aspen Falls Wall Water Fountain by Adagio features a double stone wall water feature that will create a unique and modern look to your home or office and is a smaller version of the Cottonwood Falls Fountain by Adagio. Sit and relax and listen to the sound of the water flowing over the slate face of this beautiful wall fountain. The Adagio Aspen Falls Wall Water Fountain has squared edges with a rajah natural slate face and a stainless steel finish. Comes complete with polished river rock, halogen lighting, and a pump. All the slate stones are specially quarried and shipped from India. The slate stones of India are renowned worldwide for their unique beauty and elegance. For all the fountains in this series, each slate stone is hand cut and its edges are chiseled to perfection, making your fountain a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. All fountains come with the pumps necessary for each model. Adagio water features have one switch that controls the lights and the water pumps. Comes with a dimmer to control the amount of light on the water feature. Water tight tray liner - heavy duty tray liner is water tight, double tested, and will not leak or deteriorate over time. Superior water distribution system - water flows smoothly and will not clog or spray. Each fountain is shipped with an EZ installation bracket for ease of installation. Each fountain comes with step-by-step instructions and maintenance video on DVD.

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