Knightsbridge Glasses

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Inspired by the cosmopolitan district of London, the Knightsbridge Glasses & Stemware Collection from Wedgwood is characterized by classic elegance and upbeat sophistication and features deep cuts on a delicately round shape, reminiscent of a flower. Available pieces in the Knightsbridge collection by Wedgwood include a Goblet, Wine, Flute, and Iced Beverage glass. Featuring a generous bowl ideal for accentuating the color and aroma of both red and white wine, the Knightsbridge Goblet and Wine glasses boasts the characteristic weight and stability of hand-crafted fine crystal. Raise a toast with this elegant Knightsbridge Flute; perfect for champagne or sparkling wine. Ice tinkles musically in this Knightsbridge Iced Beverage glass; stunning whether used to serve chilled water, iced tea or a dramatic cocktail like Tequila Sunrise.

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