Lismore Bead Frame (8 X 10) Includes:

Holds One 8 x 10 Photo

Capture the precious moments of your life with the Lismore Bead Frame (8 X 10) by Waterford giftware. An elegantly minimalist style with subtle, intricate embellishments, Waterford Silver Lismore Bead frames are a beautiful addition to any home or office. Featuring an understated beaded design on all four inside edges, Lismore Bead frames add a refined touch to your most beloved photographs. A clean, simple look that will compliment any decor scheme, Lismore Bead frames by Waterford Silver are an exquisite way to preserve the memories you treasure most. Give your gift a personal touch with a photo enhanced by the timeless beauty of the Waterford Silver Lismore Bead frame. The quality and craftsmanship evident in every piece have made Waterford Crystal and Waterford Fine Silver Gifts a standard of excellence for generations.

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