John Rocha Black Cut Giftware
Waterford John Rocha

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A marriage of contemporary style and classic elegance, the Black Cut crystal giftware collection from John Rocha by Waterford Crystal brings dramatic, modern sophistication to any setting. The Waterford Crystal John Rocha Black Cut crystal pattern features high gloss black crystal contrasted with a striking band of clear crystal crosshatch cuts. Designer John Rocha brings his unique, contemporary style to the world's finest crystal with the John Rocha Collection by Waterford Crystal. Merging sophisticated, modern looks with the classic beauty of Waterford Crystal, the John Rocha collection includes a variety of distinctive patterns to match your personal style. Bring the beauty and elegance of one of the world's most renowned crystal brands to your table with Waterford Crystal stemware. Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a bottle of wine with friends, Waterford Crystal stemware allows you to enjoy the timeless brilliance of Waterford Crystal at any occasion. The Waterford Crystal John Rocha Black Cut giftware collection includes vases, bowls, centerpieces and candlesticks.

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