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Alana Vase (12 Inch) Includes:

12 Inches Tall

Enjoy the beauty of the world's finest crystal in any setting with the Alana Vase (12 Inch) by Waterford Crystal. First introduced in 1952, the rich diamond cuts of the Alana crystal pattern are an unmistakable Waterford hallmark. In Gaelic, Alana is a term of endearment meaning 'Darling' or 'Darling Child'. With multi-faceted beauty, the Waterford Alana crystal collection sparkles eternal. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or a decorative piece for the home, Waterford Crystal Vases let you bring the unsurpassed brilliance of the world's finest crystal to any setting. Whatever the room, whatever the occasion, Waterford Crystal Vases celebrate the timeless elegance and unsurpassed brilliance of the world's finest crystal.

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