Sienna Includes:
Polished River Stones
LED Bulbs: 4-1 Watt, 1-1 Watt

17.75 Inches Long By 23 Inches Wide By 46 Inches Tall

Materials: Resin

    Mossy Stone Finish


The Sienna Floor Water Fountain by Hunter Kenroy is a free standing Italian styled niche water fountain that has a beautiful ornate profile with a floral motif. Water flows through a four bowl waterfall by starting at small spout on top which enhances the sound of flowing water in this beautiful water fountain in a mossy stone finish. The Sienna fountain by Kenroy Home features a traditional back wall with stepped reservoirs and classic molding designs. A built-in light shines upward and enhances the look of the moving water. Includes Polished River Stones, LED Bulbs: 4-1 Watt, 1-1 Watt, and Pump.Versatile water fountain can be used both indoors and outdoor.

    Product Categories:
  • Style: Lighted , Garden , Stone

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