Contempo Falls Bronze Includes:
Accent LED Light
Submersible pump

36 Inches Tall By 19 Inches wide By 6 Inches Diameter

Materials: NSI Slate Oil Rub Bronze Frame

    Indoor Use Only

The new BluWorld Contempo Falls wall mounted fountain is a great conversation piece for your home or office. If your space would benefit from a water feature that is both classic and contemporary, the Contempo Falls Terra Oil Rubbed Bronze Slate wall fountain is definitely worth looking into. Whether you are watching the waters dance down the naturally multi-colored slate panel or listening to the soothing sound it creates, these indoor fountains are sure to relax you and put you at ease. The BluWorld Falls fountain mounts right to the wall, where the fountain will become the center of attention, complete with an LED accent light for viewing in the dark or semi-dark.

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